Speed Cameras to Be Installed on UK Motorways

Speed CameraBrits will soon need to be on the lookout for more than just police when driving fast on motorways. In an effort to deter people from speeding, a number of speed cameras are going to be placed along popular sections of UK motorways. The point of these cameras is to catch travellers who are driving at speeds over 70 mph. According to local authorities, these cameras will be placed on hundreds of miles of expressway.

The cameras, which are being nicknamed stealth cameras, will be an off-white colour. Speed cameras of the past have always been bright yellow. The bright colour helped the speed cameras stand out so that drivers could slow down before passing by them. Authorities say that the cameras will be placed on the most popular motorways, such as the M1, M6 and M25.

Although countries like the United States use speed cameras a lot, the UK typically only uses speed cameras on parts of motorways that are experiencing roadwork. This helped police better enforce the new speed limits that these stretches of motorways receive when undergoing roadwork.

Now, however, the Highways Agency believes that it can use these speed cameras to stop people from speeding on a daily basis. The agency said that these cameras will be deployed on areas of motorways that will be called “smart motorways.” On these stretches of road, traffic will be controlled and carefully monitored by different types of technology. One such example of this is the speed cameras.

The goal of these smart motorways is, of course, to prevent traffic jams from forming. This will help traffic flow better all the time. This will be done by cautiously controlling the speed limits in these areas, as well as opening the shoulders of the road to vehicles that need it.

Of course, there are a number of critics that say that these speed cameras are not about preventing traffic jams at all. They are about gaining more money in fines from the speeders whom these cameras catch. These critics do not have much of an argument, however. The Highways Agency says that people should not be speeding at all, not just when they think that no one is looking. If someone is speeding on the motorways, they should receive a ticket. The only reason why people get away with it now is because there are not enough police officers to watch every mile of motorway.

So how many drivers like to go fast on the motorways? According to a new survey that was put out by Autocar magazine, nearly 95 percent of all of the people who took part in the survey said that they like to drive at speeds over 70 mph. With these new cameras in place, all of these people would have received a ticket. Either way, critics believe that these speed cameras will have little impact on actually slowing down drivers.



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