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Spring Bank Holiday to be Hit by Rail Strike

London Underground TrainThere are millions of people in the UK who are looking forward to the upcoming Spring Bank Holiday on Monday, May 26. However, before people start expecting to enjoy their holidays too much, they must remember that this bank holiday is going to be hit hard by a London Underground strike. A union that is representing London Underground workers says that the strike is going to completely close down the railway this coming weekend.

The strike is scheduled to start the Saturday before the holiday, which is the day that most Brits are going to be travelling since it is the first day after the work week. The strike will last until Tuesday, the day that a lot of Brits are going to be trying to get back home. To make matters even worse, the union says that this strike is going to completely close down the London Underground.

This will cause even more Brits to take to the roadways this holiday weekend. There will be so many cars on the road that travel experts expect that there will be one flat tire every minute on Britain roadways. This could lead to a number of accidents and congestion. People who are going to travel to their destinations this bank holiday will do well to leave with plenty of time to spare. If possible, travellers should attempt to leave the day before the strikes start to have the most pleasant travel experience.

That being said, a spokesman for Transport for London said that it is not worried about the strike at all. This is because it fully expects to keep trains running on schedule. It will be doing this by replacing the striking workers with other workers. However, just like any other strike, the spokesman was unable to guarantee that things would be running smoothly the whole day.

It was the hope of London Underground that this strike would be avoided. Just this past Monday, managers and union representatives were holding strikes in an attempt to prevent this strike. Of course, the talks broke down and resulted in a strike planned over the bank holiday.

Although London Underground workers want to strike during a time that will hurt the rail group the most, they are also losing the support of the people who want to enjoy their bank holidays. It is typical for workers to strike during popular work holidays. However, Brits in the UK who have been looking forward to these holidays will do anything to avoid having their holidays interrupted.

The union representing the London Underground workers said that the strike is related to the transferring of workers to other groups. After these workers are moved to other groups, they are moved back to the London Underground but under different working conditions.



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