St Columba’s Catholic Primary School Teacher Investigated for Indecent Images of Kids Is Found Dead in Hotel Room

School TeacherRecently, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding a St Columba Catholic Primary School teacher in Huyton. The teacher, named Ronan Dunne, was being investigated by the authorities after he was caught downloading indecent images of kids. Authorities were shocked to find the teacher dead in a hotel room.

The police said that they had been investigating Mr Dunne after it was found that he was downloading indecent pictures of children. It was also believed that he was storing and keeping these pictures of children for his own personal use. Now, the investigation will be closed after the 43-year-old teacher passed away at Micklehead Travel Lodge Hotel located in Sutton Manor this past Thursday.

A spokeswoman for the local police said that they are able to confirm that Mr Dunne was deceased when he was discovered at Micklehead Travel Lodge Hotel on Thursday. For now, however, the police are treating his death as unexplained. There is still an ongoing investigation to figure out just what happened to Mr Dunne.

The spokeswoman went on to say that the hotel called emergency services at around 8 a.m. after the staff found his body. The police have already informed the man’s next of kind. Right now, the police are still waiting to get back the post mortem report to find out just what caused his death. Until these reports come in, the police will treat the death as unexplained.

The police spokeswoman also confirmed that Mr Dunne was being investigated for downloading and possessing nude pictures of children. However, she also wanted to point out, that at this time, it is not believed that any of the pictures that he had were of children that he had contact with. These were just indecent images of children that he found on the Internet.

Parents who have kids at the school have told local reporters that they did not know anything about the investigation into Mr Dunne until the news broke of his death. The kids all really liked him and a lot of the kids have been distraught over the news of his death. The last time most of the kids saw him was at the school’s nativity play on December 3. At that time, there were no signs that anything were wrong or that Mr Dunne had any intent of hurting himself.

Most of the local parents said that they have pretty mixed feelings on everything. They feel bad that a teacher is now dead. However, they are also hurt and angry that he was keeping indecent pictures of kids on his computer. Although they were not pictures of kids at the school, they were still pictures of someone’s kids, and that is wrong. They also feel that the parents should have been informed by the school after these allegations were made. After all, some of these parents had their kids in his care every day.



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