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Student Adventures and Lorenz Voyager Travel Ltd Collapse, Leaving Students Abroad

Mount EverestIt is never good when a travel company collapses and leaves travellers stranded abroad. However, it’s even worst when this happens to students who are abroad for gap year. Unfortunately, this is just what happened to more than 100 students after two different travel companies collapsed. Some of the students who were travelling aboard were even climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest.

The two companies that collapsed were Student Adventures and Lorenz Voyager Travel Ltd. An international charity, Practical Action, said that they are working with some of the students who are currently climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to get them home safely. Andrew Heath, a representative, said that the students are completely fine. They are being supported by the charity. A staff member from the charity is going to meet with the students when they get back to camp after climbing the mountain.

Although the students who are already abroad are being supported, the ones who have yet to take their trips are the ones really affected. Heath said that they are looking into what can be done for these students. However, they are going to need to be refunded or re-booked somehow.

Help for Heroes, another charity, is working with the students who are climbing Mont Everest. Once again, they are going to help these students get home, but the ones who have yet to leave on their trips are going to need to be rescheduled.

Students and parents said that they were shocked to hear that these travel companies went under. In fact, one parent said that they got a call from one of the companies just days before it went under. They were still asking for money for trips. Maybe the company was just as shocked when it had to shut down.

Many students had spent hours trying to raise donations from people they didn’t even know to pay for their trips. One parent said that he felt the company should have been more transparent. He said that they must have known that they were having trouble since they closed down just a few days later.

Thankfully, there are rules that are in place to help cover consumers if companies collapse. The Civil Aviation Authority said that it has already started working with some of the travellers who have yet to take their trips. The goal is to make sure that these travellers can still take their trips as planned. The CAA also said that the people who had booked their holidays with one of these companies before April 1, will not lose any money. The agency doesn’t believe that any bookings were made after April 1.



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