Student Survives Hotel Balcony Fall After Plunging 30 Feet to Concrete Pavement

Romany MitchellThere is a growing trend going on, and it is a deadly one. Students like to goof off on hotel balconies while they are holidaying overseas. This new trend has been taken up by a number of British travellers. Recently, another student found herself in a similar situation.

Romany Mitchell, age 21, recently fell nearly 30 feet from a balcony at her Thai hotel. The hotel she was staying at was called the Patong Eyes hotel. This is a five-star hotel located in Phuket. Despite falling nearly 30 feet to the concrete pavement below, she survived the ordeal with just a few broken bones.

A passenger by found her lying on the street at around 3 a.m. and called for an ambulance right away. The doctors at the nearby hospital said that it is a miracle that she survived the fall. They added that it was incredible that she only had a few broken bones to show for it.

Travel agencies continue to warn UK travellers to take extra care when they are on hotel balconies. This goes double since seven deaths have occurred this year from people falling from balconies in Thailand. Romany was simply in Thailand celebrating her graduation. She successfully graduated from Napier University on Oct. 23.

Although she was only a few days into her trip, she is staying at a local hospital in Patong. There she will wait until she can be transferred back home to Edinburgh. Thus, her dream holiday has come to a very quick and sudden end.

Her friends in Thailand said that she had been drinking a lot at the local bar. A lot of the local guys had been hitting on her a lot, talking about how pretty she was. A few of them wanted to take her back to her room. Thus, there were also fears that her drink had been spiked.

Young girls who are travelling overseas are always told to travel with friends when taking in the nightlife. A lot of locals look for young, single girls to attack. This can include robbing and also attempted rape.

Concerns in Thailand have been on the rise lately after an Australian tourist turned up dead in 2011. Reports suggested that he fell over the railing at a hotel. There is still an on-going investigation into claims that the railing was too short to prevent adults from falling over.

Although some are saying that travellers need to use more common sense when travelling overseas, the Foreign Office has launched a campaign to teach Brits about how deadly hotel falls can be. A spokesman for the Foreign Office said that its message to everyone travelling overseas is to behave responsibly. No matter where they are staying, they need to use good judgment. Most of these falls involve young people who are between the ages of 18 and 35. Most of them also involve alcohol. This means that once people are partying, they tend to lose their better judgment.



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