Travel News| Learns that British Travellers Do Not Trust Female Pilots

Pilot in CockpitThis is an age where women can do any job that a man can do. People would like to believe that the world as a whole has moved past the idea that there are jobs that women cannot do as well as men. However, this does not seem to be the case for British travellers. According to a new survey handled by, nearly 51 percent of British travellers questioned said that they do not trust female pilots. Just 14 percent of the people who took part in this survey said that they felt safer with a female controlling the plane.

Only 25 percent of the people who participated in this survey said that the sex of the pilot does not matter to them. Another 9 percent said that they were unsure how they felt one way or the other. Out of the people who said that they would much rather have a male pilot, 32 percent of them said they believe that male pilots are more skilled when it comes to flying a plane. Another 28 percent said that they do not believe that female pilots would be able to handle the pressure.

Although this is only a survey, it does bring to light one important fact: There is already a huge lack of female pilots. This more than likely means, in the back of a lot of people’s heads, they wonder if women are able to handle the role of being a pilot. There is no law prohibiting women from flying planes, but that does not change the fact that there are few women who are cleared to fly commercial aircraft.

Patrick Smith, the author of an air travel book called “Cockpit Confidential,” points out that only about 5 percent of cockpit crew in the United States are female. This is a number that has only improved 2 percent since the mid-90s. To make matters worse, the percentage of female pilots in other parts of the world are typically even lower.

Smith said that it should be obvious to anyone at this point that people who travel prefer to travel with male pilots. He said that he is not sure what discourages people from wanting a female pilot, but the numbers do not lie. A lot of it just has to do with culture. The rank of a pilot is a dominating one, and he believes that people feel more comfortable with a male in charge.

On the flip side, people who said that they prefer a female pilot also said that they see men as too hot-headed in the event of a crisis. A quarter of these people believe that men are too easily distracted by things, like female flight attendants.

The managing director of, Chris Clarkson, said that it was crazy to see just how little people trust female pilots. It is very clear that Brits have a stereotype when it comes to who should be allowed to fly planes. Maybe they associate it with the belief that women are not good at driving.



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