Survey Finds That Many Commonwealth Game Spectators Have Yet to Consider Travel Arrangements

Commonwealth Games 2014The 2014 Commonwealth Games will be here in no time, but organisers have some concerns. These mostly revolve around the fact that many ticketholders admit that they have yet to make travel arrangements to the games. Organisers believe that this is going to lead to a lot of people missing their events and a lot of traffic backup.

Organisers of the Commonwealth Games are urgently asking spectators to consider how they are going to get to the events. They want ticketholders to not only plan a route to their events, but also plan alternative routes. They also need to consider the additional time it’s going to take to get to their events due to traffic build-up.

The concern that people are not making alternative travel plans was brought to light after a survey was carried out by Glasgow 2014. This survey showed that nearly 50 percent of the responders said that they know Glasgow so well that they do not need to make any additional travel plans. This has organisers worried that spectators are underestimating just how much traffic disruption is going to be caused during the games. There will also be a lot of parking restrictions in place, and these are things for which people need to plan.

The survey also showed that 30 percent of the responders said that they are planning to travel to the games by car. Organisers believe that these people are unaware that there are a number of road closures during the Commonwealth Games. These road closures mean that people could have to walk nearly 20 minutes after parking to get to their events.

The director of logistics and transport for Glasgow 2014, Michael Renshaw, said that a lot of the spectators do know the city of Glasgow well. However, they need to remember that the city will be very different during the Commonwealth Games. As a result, the transport network will be running much differently than what most people are familiar with.

Renshaw added that all of the sporting events have different travel options for people to consider. It is very important that everyone considers all of these travel options. There is generally very little to no parking available at these events. So the people who are thinking about driving may want to consider different methods of travel. People will be able to reduce their journey times and make everything stress free if they start to plan ahead now. A good way to do this is to visit the Glasgow 2014 official website. Some good travel options to the games include public transport, cycling and walking.



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