Survey from shows that Brits love stealing from hotel rooms LogoDo Brits like taking things that are not theirs from hotels? Well according to a new survey that was released by they do. This survey shows that nearly 26% of Brits who stay in hotels take items from their rooms. This does not include toiletries; it involves actual items. Of course, Brits should not feel bad; they are not the only ones that take what is not theirs.

The survey from involved nearly 10,000 people. said that these people came from 28 different countries, including the UK. Despite Brits being pretty bad at taking what is not theirs, it was Colombian travellers who were most likely to take what was not theirs. Almost 57% of Colombian travellers admitted to taking things out of their room when traveling. Mexican travellers came in at the second worst, with 40% admitting to taking things. India was able to place in the top three with 38%.

The survey also found out that it was Danish travellers who are the world’s most honest. According to the survey, only 12% of Danish travellers ever take things from their rooms. Not far behind them are the Dutch at 15% and Norwegian guests at 16%.

A spokesman for said that people should be applauding the Danes. They are the most honest nation when it comes to resisting temptation. They were, of course, closely followed by the Dutch and the Norwegians.

This survey even went as far as to find out what the most common stolen items were. Books, towels and even dressing gowns were all at the top of the list as far as the most common. However, people did not just stop at books and towels. They also admitted that they sometimes take pillows, furniture, electronics and even an iron.

Unfortunately for Brits, this is not the only survey that has proven they commonly steal things from hotels. Earlier this year another survey by showed that Brits are a lot more likely to start stealing things when they first arrive at a hotel. Almost 69% of Brits who took part in this survey owned up to stealing something. Some of the things Brits steal include alcohol, artwork, curtains, light bulbs and even bed linen. There were even some Brits who admitted to stealing the Bible.

Of course, sometimes big things are stolen right out of the front lobby. According to the former manager of the Starwood Hotel group, Colin Bennett, one day he walked into the lobby of his hotel. He knew something was missing, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Come to find out, three men dressed in overalls strolled right in the front door and rolled out the hotel’s grand piano. They were never seen again and walked right down the street with it.

People in hotels steal unusual stuff all the time. This includes room numbers right off the doors, which happened at the Franklin Hotel in Knightsbridge. The Residence in Bath said that they have even had some people steal sex toys right from the hotel.



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