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Teenage Chinese Girl Plans to Pay for Travel With Sex

Ju PengTravelling can be expensive. As such, people are often looking for ways that they can make travel more affordable. This includes the trading of certain “services.” But how much is a person willing to give up to pay for travel? Well, one 19-year-old Chinese teenager is willing to give up her body.

According to reports, Ju Peng said that she plans to travel all across China. Since she doesn’t have the money for such an expensive trip, she plans to pay for it by spending the night with a different man in every city that she stays.

Peng posted this questionable plan on a social media site known as Weibo. Of course, she is not calling it prostitution, because these men will be her “temporary boyfriends.” She also said that not just any man will do; they need to be younger than 30 and taller than 1.75 meters. Peng also said that they need to be rich. The deal is, if the man will cover her expenses and transport, she will spend the whole night with them. They will get her undivided attention and get to show themselves off in the company off a naturally beautiful girl.

Critics who are against her ad say that this is no better than prostitution. Although the guys are simply paying for her “company,” the men who sign up for this deal are expecting sex. The girl is very careful in referring to the men who take her up on her deal as her boyfriends, and never once does she refer to them as clients or callers. She thinks that it’s sort of like hitchhiking across the country. She said that she has already travelled Eastern China, and now she would like to see the rest.

Despite the ad being posted live, some people think that the whole thing is a hoax. They don’t believe that the girl can get away with posting this kind of ad on a social media site and get away with it. Others say that it’s perfectly legit because the men are paying for her travel, not for her to be their girlfriend for the night. Also, she is very careful never to mention that they will receive sex. She just says that they will get to spend the whole night with her.

It does, however, make some wonder just how far people will go to travel. Even if this turns out to be a hoax, critics say that there are likely women out there who have done this and just have not been so public about it. Is it right? Is it legal? It seems to fall into a grey area that has not been officially addressed.



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