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Tesla Motors Teams Up With Car Rental Firm to Lease the Model S Electric Car

Tesla Model SGoing green is very popular among consumers of today. In fact, many companies have found that it helps business when they offer “green” options. This goes double for the rental car industry. To take advantage of this new trend, Tesla Motors has teamed up with car rental firm Sixt to let consumers get a taste of the electric Model S vehicle.

Sixt says that it will team up with Tesla Motors to allow consumers to rent the electric Model S. This car, which can be plugged up to the wall to charge, will initially only be made available at Sixt locations in Switzerland. This will expand the car hire company’s leasing options in the country. However, if it becomes a popular option, the company may consider adding the electric car to it offering in other locations around Europe.

Tesla Motors and Sixt have had a partnership with each other for some time. This new offering is an extension of that partnership. The existing partnership has always allowed Sixt to lease Tesla cars. Now, people will get the chance to rent the Model S for around £550 to £640 a month. This price is based on a 36-month lease and includes a 10 percent deposit on the car. Consumers will also have to undergo Tesla’s annual servicing to meet the terms of the lease.

When talking about this new offering, Sixt Leasing said that Tesla’s free-to-access, rapid-charging network can be found all over Switzerland. Driving this car also offers consumers an exemption from the annual road tax that Switzerland imposes. That alone should help offset some of the cost of leasing this new vehicle.

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, said that the company is extremely pleased to be offering this new deal in cooperation with Sixt. It is a very attractive financing deal and one for which all Swiss customers should take advantage. After having a successful German launch, Tesla has been looking forward to expanding its current relationship with Sixt Leasing. Now, the company has done that by expanding its leasing deal to Switzerland.

Tesla Motors is based in California, USA. The company launched its popular Model S in Europe just last year. Although it hopes to soon offer it all over Europe, it started with markets where demand for electric cars is higher. One example of this is offering the car in places where citizens get charged a yearly fee for driving petrol fuelled cars.

Offing electric vehicles as rentals and leases is just starting to get popular. A lot of this has to do with the fact that electric vehicle technology has come a long way. Although the technology to drive electric cars is there, the technology for the batteries that power these cars is not quite up to par. It has gotten better, but battery technology has not shown as much improvement as other technology over the years. Every single year, technology gets better and better, but the batteries need more power. This is why smartphones and laptops have batteries that only last a few hours, compared to old flip phones that can go a week without being charged.



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