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Thanksgiving Travel Hurt by Storms

Cars on MotorwayEveryone knows that Thanksgiving is a big travel day for Americans. People from all over the United States will take to airports and roads to go see family and friends that they have not seen in months. For some, Thanksgiving is the only time that they see these friends and family members every year. There is not much that people can say to stop these travelers from going on their journey. That being said, the people who are traveling need to be careful. That is because Thanksgiving travel is going to be affected by storms this year.

So far, two storms have been forecasted that will really hurt the travel plans of some people. These storms are really going to hurt air travel across much of the region. For some, these storms are going to ruin their holiday travel plans and keep travelers from eating Thanksgiving turkey with their family.

These two storms forecasted are likely going to make air travel rough. Experts are saying that people should be ready for delays and even cancellations at some airports. The first storm, which has already caused some flooding in Arkansas, is heading to the Southeast. Here, it will bring even more severe weather. Reports show that this same storm will eventually bring two inches of rain to places like New York and Boston. However, some areas of New York could end up seeing almost a foot of snow.

The second storm is the most severe. It is forecasted to develop overnight and pass through parts of Louisianan, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. The storm should end up in South Carolina when it finally comes to an end.

The Federal Aviation Administration says that five of the United States’ busiest airports are already reporting delays. These delays range from 15 to 45 minutes and are due to weather conditions. For people who are planning to travel over the weekend, they should check the Federal Aviation Administration’s website for updated reports on flight delays.

Other reports have stated that some 42.5 million people will travel at least 50 miles from home this holiday weekend. This information was brought to light thanks to the American Automobile Association. Most of these people are going to travel by car. This means that the roadways are likely to be packed. If people are traveling through areas that are seeing these storms, then they need to be sure to allow themselves extra travel time. Rushing is likely going to start off the holiday weekend badly.

Overall, about 8 percent of travelers say that they plan to fly this Thanksgiving Day holiday. 90 percent of travelers say that they are going to drive. The remaining 2 percent will use other travel means not listed (such as bus).




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