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Thanksgiving Travel to Be Disrupted in America Due to Snow

Freezing RainOne of the busiest travel times in the United States may have its fair share of problems this year. According to the National Weather Service in America, Thanksgiving travel is likely to be disrupted by some very severe winter storms in the southern and eastern part of the nation. These storms are going to bring rain, snow and maybe even some freezing rain. Brits who plan to travel to the United States need to check their flight information to ensure that it does not get cancelled this week.

According to experts, these wintery conditions will start on Tuesday in some places and carry on until Wednesday. This winter weather comes as more than 1 billion people are expected to hit the roads and airports in the United States to make it to their detestations in time for the holidays.

Tom Bradshaw, who is a Meteorologist, said that snow and ice will impact travel this year. This is due to an Arctic mass that started in the West. It is currently making its way through places like Texas and Oklahoma, and it will hit the East Coast by Tuesday and into Wednesday. A lot of flights are likely to be delayed, and some roads may become icy.

AAA said that this is going to be one of the busiest Thanksgiving holidays in recent memory. In fact, some 39 million U.S. travellers are expected to take to the open road. Most will be travelling between Wednesday and Sunday. In the West, this same storm has already been blamed for eight deaths because of fatal traffic accidents. The icy conditions have caused a lot of rollover accidents. This includes one that involved three members of Willie Nelson’s band as their bus hit a pillar on a highway in Dallas.

Oddly enough, Texas and New Mexico have been issued winter weather advisories. This is odd for places this far south. The National Weather Service says that snow and freezing rain will continue to accumulate throughout the entire region.

Travelling by plane is not going to be that much better. According to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, these storms have already cancelled more than 300 flights. Thankfully for the East Coast, the National Weather Service is calling for mostly heavy rain. This will be followed by clear skies on Thanksgiving Day.

According to Mr Bradshaw, this storm is very hard to predict. This is because it is extremely slow moving and is releasing energy in “pieces.” In short, it is releasing a lot of energy at times but not at other times. It is hard to tell which areas are going to be hit hard and which ones are simply going to get light precipitation.

Just last week, this same storm hit California. For much of the state, this was seen as heavy rain. In Northern California, however, the storm produced freezing rain and snow. This is a very powerful storm and should not be taken lightly. Travellers need to check weather conditions before going out.



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