The Carter Hotel, the “Dirtiest Hotel” on TripAdvisor, Is for Sale

Carter Hotel ( are some hotels that are dirty, and there are others that are nasty. Then, there are the ones that actually win the title of the Dirtiest Hotel in the world. Without question, the Carter Hotel in New York City is one of the worst, if not these worst, hotel to stay at. It is so bad that TripAdvisor gave this hotel the award of Dirtiest Hotel in 2006, 2008 and 2009. It would be bad to see the hotels that beat out the Carter in 2007!

Guests who have actually stayed at this hotel say that they did not even know it was open when they approached it. The Carter Hotel looks like nothing more than an abandoned building, so it definitely does not look like an operational hotel. Multiple guest reports on TripAdvisor reveal that this hotel has had bedbugs and cockroaches. There are even strange smells coming from a number of the rooms. Maybe these smells have something to do with the murder that took place in the hotel in 1999. Yes, there was a murder that happened right in the lobby of the hotel when one worker killed his co-worker. There were even reports that a body was later found underneath one of the beds in one of the rooms.

In 2013, the owner of the hotel died. With his death, a new management team was put in place to turn this hotel around. The team was sent in to address the building violations that have been placed on the building. It even put new Ikea furniture in all of the rooms. However, they are not only dressing up the hotel but are also putting it up for sale.

The hotel may not be the nicest looking, but with a little bit of polish … alright a lot of polish … the hotel could be something special. That is because one of its biggest draws is something that you simply cannot add to existing hotels, and that is its location. The Carter Hotel is located on 250 West 43rd Street, which is very close to Times Square.

Ever since the new management team took over, the occupancy rate of the hotel has jumped to a shocking 74 percent. Additionally, satisfaction ratings on TripAdvisor are just over 73 percent. This shows huge improvements considering that the hotel was named the “Dirtiest Hotel” three different times. It might have won this award more times, but TripAdvisor no longer gives it, for the apparent reasons.

The hotel needs a lot of work. According to John J. Cruz, a member of the new management team, the fire extinguishers in the hotel have not been recharged since the early ‘70s. The exit signs in the hotel are not even illuminated. The building, which is nearly 24 stories tall, has an elevator that keeps breaking down. It is way overdue for inspection and maintenance. The rooms use discarded hospital linens as their sheets, and the housekeeping was told to only clean rooms every third day.



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