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The Cheapest Car Rental Destinations in the United States

Car RentalsThanks to, the cheapest car rental destinations in the world have been revealed. This is great information for people who are thinking about traveling again to have. This goes double for people in the UK who are thinking about travelling to the United States anytime soon. Although the economy is staring to bounce back, people are still feeling the pressure of the economic crunch. It will be some time before they have the money to travel like they once did. Until that time, they are more likely to travel to destinations that offer the cheapest car rental prices.

A survey says that Orlando, Fla., offers the cheapest car rentals right now. This was something that held true all summer and will likely continue to be true in the coming months. On average, car rentals are only about $17 a day in Orlando. This is great since the city is a huge tourist destination for travellers from all over the world.

If people are looking to save money on car rentals, they might want to think about travelling to one of these destinations: Miami ($20), Philadelphia ($19), Tampa ($18), Fort Lauderdale ($18) and Orlando ($17). These destinations offer the cheapest car rental prices in the United States, based on a daily rate. This is a great way for people to save a little extra money on their car. In fact, people can save so much money at these destinations that it might be worth changing their holiday plans to these areas to take advantage of the cheap deals.

Of course, not all destinations are cheap in the United States. For example, renting a car in Portland, Ore., will cost drivers a staggering $86 a day. This is enough to break the bank for some tourists, using up all of their holiday cash. New York City was not much better with the average car rental costing $83 a day. The third highest destination on the list was a little bit better at $75, and that was Boston, Mass.

According to, the top five most expensive car rental destination in the United States are Portland ($86), New York City ($83), Boston ($75), Denver ($65) and Chicago ($63). If travellers are heading to these destinations, they might want to put aside some extra money to pay for the extremely high car rental prices.

Additionally, there are a lot of other things that travellers have to pay for during their trip. Besides the car rental, travellers still have to pay for hotels and airline tickets. That does not even cover the amount of money that travellers will have to spend on food and entertainment once they arrive at their destination. Due to that, it is best for travellers to save money wherever they can. This is why traveling to destinations with cheap car rental prices is a great idea. If airline tickets and hotel prices would come down in price, maybe people could start travelling like they use to.



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