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The Post Office Reveals the Most and Least Expensive Destinations to Rent a Car

Post Office signPeople are starting to travel again. This is thanks, in part, to the economy starting to recover. In fact, travel experts say that now is the perfect time to travel. The economy is starting to improve, so people have more money, but companies are still offering deep discounts. That being said, there are still people out there who cannot afford to break the bank on their next holiday. To help with that, the Post Office has released a new study that shows not only the most expensive destinations to rent a car but also the cheapest.

According to this new Post Office survey, renting cars in Norway, Italy and Switzerland prove to be the most expensive. This information is based on the average cost of renting a basic car for one week. The calculation also includes combining two extras, like an additional driver and excess waiver insurance, and the price of a full tank of petrol.

Of course, it is not the most expensive places that people want to know. They really want to know which destination is the cheapest. It appears that title goes to Florida in the United States. Here, the average price of renting a car, with all of the same calculations mentioned above, comes to £165. This is a good deal cheaper than the most expensive place on the Post Office list, Norway, where the price of a car hire came out to be £520 on average.

Orlando, Fla., had the cheapest car rentals for a number of reasons. However, the study found out that prices were so much cheaper because car rental packages in this area actually include the waiver rather than charging its consumer for it as an extra. In the end, this saves families hundreds of pounds per car rental. Overall, this made Florida 1/3 less expensive than the cheapest destination in all of Europe, which was Bulgaria. While Bulgaria proved to be the cheapest destination in Europe to rent a car, Malta took the spot for second cheapest.

The survey goes on to show that most motorists end up paying hundreds of pounds to fix their car rental when they do not take out any insurance. In fact, nearly 63 percent of drivers are not taking out any kind of excess waiver insurance and just buying the basic car rental. This is proving to be a very costly mistake for most.

Below is a complete breakdown of the survey done by the Post Office. It covers the average car rental price for 20 destinations, starting with the cheapest and working its way up to the most expensive.

  1.  Orlando, Florida – £164.69

  2.  Burgas, Bulgaria – £242.09

  3.  Luqa, Malta – £255.49

  4.  Corfu, Greece – £303.66

  5.  Crete, Greece – £305

  6.  Tenerife, Spain – £306.83

  7.  Dublin, Ireland – £332.84

  8.  Marmaris, Turkey – £339.31

  9.  Costa Blanca, Spain – £342.66

10.  Larnaca, Cyprus – £362.29

11.  Costa del Sol, Spain – £370.35

12.  Majorca, Spain – £377.36

13.  Faro, Portugal – £391.85

14.  Copenhagen, Denmark – £392.10

15.  Nice, France – £403.15

16.  Salzburg, Austria – £405.37

17.  Split, Croatia – £429.85

18.  Geneva, Switzerland – £464.68

19.  Pisa, Italy – £491.21

20.  Oslo, Norway – £520.40




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