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The Queen’s cutback on travel forces her to miss the Commonwealth Summit for the first time in 40 years

Queen Elizabeth II & the Duke of Edinburgh Sit in the Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle (cropped from official Diamond Jubilee portrait)Everyone in the UK is trying their best to cut back on the amount of money they spend. The royal family is no different. In fact, the Queen announced not too long ago that she was going to cut back on her travel expenses. However, it now seems like this cutback will force her to miss out on the Commonwealth Summit in Sri Lanka. This will be the very first time that the Queen has missed this summit in the past 40 years.

This announcement came after the royal family said that they were reviewing all of the long haul flights and travel expenses of the Monarch. Buckingham Palace wants everyone to know that the Queen missing the summit is in light of the travel cutbacks, not her health. This was a concern for many, as the Queen is now 87 years old.

Of course, this does not mean that no one from the royal family will go. In fact, it was later confirmed that the Prince of Wales will be attending the meeting instead of the Queen, who has been to every meeting since way back in 1973. It was this announcement that sparked fear into people that the Queen may not be doing well.

The truth is, because of the Queen’s age, Buckingham Palace has started to limit the number of long journeys that she goes on. Despite this, the Palace still insists that her daily planner is as busy as it has ever been. This was their way of downplaying any kind of health issues that people are worried about.

The first big health scare of the year came when the Queen was taken to the hospital. There she was treated for gastroenteritis. Despite this, the Queen does seem to be in pretty good health. In fact, she was seen out riding a horse at Windsor this past Friday. This is reason enough to believe that her health is not declining too quickly.

Either way, Buckingham Palace says that the Queen is not expected to make any more long-haul trips to the Commonwealth Summit. Thus, this means she will likely not attend the summits that take place in New Zealand or Australia.

To clear up any confusion, a spokesman for Buckingham Palace said that long-haul trips for the Queen will be looked at on a “case by case basis.” For example, the Duke of Edinburgh was just in Canada two weeks ago. The Palace is not saying that her diary is going to become any less busy in the coming years. This is simply a small part of an ongoing process to look into the Queen’s travel habits.

There are a number of factors that need clearing up in this. For example, who will become the head of the Commonwealth when the Queen is no longer able to? Some believe it should naturally go to the Price of Wales. Others believe that a head should be elected. The Price of Wales, however, feels very strongly that the role should be his. His presence at this current summit only strengthens his case.



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