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Thorne Travel Bookings Jump 110 Percent After Cheesy Ad

Thorne Travel (from ad)Sometimes, all it takes to get a little hype is a commercial. It doesn’t even have to be an extremely well-done commercial, as long as it speaks to people in the way that they want to be spoken to. Just take Thorne Travel, for example. It recently released a cheesy commercial that wasn’t expected to do much. However, the company now says that its bookings have jumped nearly 110 percent.

The company started to see a rise in bookings after its commercial went viral. The ad features men dressed in baggy pilot outfits and girls dressed in pink uniforms, and they are marching much like the iconic Virgin Atlantic ads. Everything about the ad screams amateur, but apparently that is what people want to see.

The manager of Thorne Travel, Shona Thorne, said that the agents wanted to show people in the ad that they are a bit different than other travel agents. They wanted to show that they are just a bit quirky. While making the video, everyone had a big laugh. Overall, we thought it might be nice if we eventually got to 10,000 views. The company never dreamed that the video would take off like it did.

And take off it did. At the time of this writing, the video had been viewed by more than 800,000 people, and the number continues to grow. Shona said that during this time of the year, she usually takes her annual leave, but bookings were so high that she had to postpone it. It’s not just bookings that they are receiving either. The company has been receiving gifts from people, including cards, chocolates, flowers and emails. These things are coming in from all over the world, from Scotland to Australia.

The ad, which was just a budget ad, used up the company’s whole marketing allowance for the year. Thorne Travel says that it couldn’t have used the funds any better. In fact, since the ad went viral, the company has appeared on “The Robin Galloway Breakfast Show” and “Good Morning Britain.” These are TV spots that it wouldn’t have been able to get any other way. Shona says that her company never could afford such TV time.

So what does a company do for a follow-up? Well, it doesn’t think that its next ad will hit as big. However, that is not going to stop it from trying. Shona said that they have already finished a second ad, so she hopes that everyone looks forward to seeing it as well.



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