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Three People Stabbed to Death on a Bus in Western Norway

NorwayThe travel industry already has enough problems without having to deal with consumers who are afraid to travel to popular destinations. Unfortunately, that may be the case after a man who was wielding a knife decided to hijack a bus in western Norway. According to local police, the man ended up killing three people on board. This latest hijacking now has some holidaymakers scared to travel to parts of Norway.

The man who is being accused of the crime is in his 50s and is of foreign origin. He was arrested after being accused of stabbing two men and a woman to death. One of the people killed was the bus driver. So far, the police are refusing to release any more details about the other two victims. It is believed that the other two who were killed were locals, and it is not known if there were any foreigners on the bus at the time of the killing.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and overpowered the man with the knife. The firefighters did not know that they were responding to a hijacking but believed that they were rushing to the scene of a traffic accident. When they arrived, they saw what was going on and put a stop to the man’s rampage.

The police said that the attack took place around 17:30 local time. It took the firefighters a while to arrive on the scene since the bus was located on a remote mountain road. At the time of the attack, the bus was about 135 miles northwest of Oslo, near Ardal.

Joern Lasse Foerde Refsnes, who is a police officer, said that they have no information to release. He did say, however, that the police do not have any more information that would suggest that there was another victim outside of the three first reported.

One witness, who authorities are simply calling Leif, said that he was driving with some other people when they came across the bus that was stopped on the side of the road. Trying to be helpful, Leif and his friends pulled over and ran to the bus. They were not able to get the doors open. When they looked inside they could see a dark-skinned man wielding a knife. At first they believed that he was simply trying to get off the bus but quickly saw that the whole situation was much, much different.

The police said that the motive of the attack has not yet been made clear. In fact, the police said that there is no indication that the three victims knew the attacker in any way. For now, the suspect is at the hospital being treated for knife wounds. Police were about to send in anti-terror units, but this mission was called off after the firefighters were able to get everything under control.

Some UK travel companies are reporting that they have already received indications that travellers are now afraid to travel to Norway. It is still far too early to know for sure what kind of impact this is going to have on travel to Norway as a whole.



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