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Thrifty Car Rental Launches New Smartphone App

Thrifty Travel NZ ( month Thrifty Car Rental launched a new smartphone app called Thrifty Travel NZ. This new app has come as a result of a partnership between Thrifty Car Rental and GeoZone. The goal of the app is to make travelling around New Zealand safer and easier for tourists visiting from overseas.

Thrifty Travel NZ keeps tourists informed about the ins and outs of driving around New Zealand by using road safety videos. The app even takes this a step further by helping travellers plan their routes. The app will inform travellers of where there are petrol stations, road warnings and even toilets.

Emma Gardiner, the general manager of Thrifty Car Rental, said that this new app should take a lot of the stress off of people who are visiting New Zealand from overseas. This is a popular tourist destination for people from other countries, including the UK. Roads can be very challenging for those who are unfamiliar with them. Hopefully this app will make it easier.

According to Thrifty Car Rental, the app features road safety videos that can be played in German, Chinese, French and English. The app also provides up-to-the-minute road warnings that tourists might want to avoid. There are also quick links to public toilets, grocery stores and petrol stations that provide more information. When it comes time to settle down for the night, the app will even provide users with suggestions on where they should stay. Last but not least, it also provides links to AA for roadside assistance 24 hours a day.

Simon Douglas, a spokesperson for AA, said that this app is going to be extremely helpful for drivers who are visiting New Zealand. The videos are going to provide tourists with key things that they should know to keep them safe while driving. AA is personally very happy to see Thrifty Car Rental taking action to help make things safer and easier for tourists. Any time that a tourist can better prepare for a trip, the better.

Depending on the success of this app, Thrifty Car Rental might release more of these apps for other countries. The goal is to make travelling overseas as easy as possible. For now, the app is only available on Android and iOS devices. Windows phone users will have to wait to see if Thrifty Car Rental brings the app to them as well.



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