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Tiger Gets Loose Near Disneyland Pairs

Young TigerThere are many popular tourist destinations all over the world. One of the most popular, which gets millions of tourists every year, is Disneyland Paris. This is a place where dreams come true. However, with this being one of the top tourist destinations in all of Europe, the last thing that the French city wants is for a reason for people not to visit, like maybe a tiger is loose and roaming near the park. Yeah, that might do it.

According to French authorities, there is a young tiger loose and roaming the area just outside Disneyland Paris. At the time of this writing, authorities were urging all residents in the towns nearby to stay indoors. The tiger is very quick and great at hiding. There is no telling when authorities will be able to catch him or her.

One of the cities where the tiger is believed to have run to is Montevrain. The town took to its official Facebook page on Thursday to warn people of the young tiger. News alerts popped up that afternoon saying that the tiger had been spotted watching people from a distance in that bushes by a soccer field and tennis court. This put the tiger about 5.5 miles away from Disneyland Paris.

Police are using helicopters to see if they can see the animal from the sky. Although there are no tiger catchers or tiger trackers in Paris, police have called in a wolf catcher, who they believe will have some success in tracking down the tiger.

So, where did the tiger come from? A lot of people assumed that the tiger came from Disneyland Paris. Had that been the case, this would have created a downpour of bad press for the theme park. However, Disneyland Pairs was quick to deny it. In fact, the park said that it couldn’t have come from there because there are no tigers at the park. This could mean that someone was keeping the tiger as a pet. Either the tiger escaped from where it was being held, or the tiger got too big so the owner set it free. Either scenario is bad because authorities don’t know how the tiger has been trained or if the animal has been able to eat recently.

Disneyland Paris has not made it clear yet if the park has taken any extra precautions within its gates while the tiger remains free. Although it’s miles away from the park, authorities say that tigers can cover that distance very quickly. Although no one is sure of the exact age of the tiger, it’s believed to be around 1.5 years. This puts the tiger at weighing around 154 pounds if it’s been eating properly.



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