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Tokyo Wins Bid to Host the 2020 Olympic Games

Flag Map of JapanTokyo has won the bid to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is a huge win for Japan, which could really use the extra income that is usually generated from hosting the Olympic Games due to tourism. The Yen has been struggling as of late, and it has really hurt Japan overall. This is the first time that the country has been chosen to host the Olympic Games since 1969.

Of course, Japan was not a shoe-in to win this bid. In fact, it was going head to head against both Madrid and Istanbul. When it was narrowed down to these three places, Madrid got the axe first. Then, Japan was able to win in the final round of voting by the International Olympic Committee. Reports show that Tokyo won 60 votes to 36.

The emotion that Japan had placed on winning this bid could be seen as soon as the committee announced its decision. The entire Tokyo delegation jumped to their feet and started waving Japanese flags in the air. A number of the delegation members even broke out into tears. These members were happy to see that their two years of lobbying had finally paid off to help their country.

Jacques Rogge, who is the president of the International Olympic Committee, was the one that announced the winning city. This will be the last time that Rogge gets to make the announcement because he also said that he will be retiring after holding down this role for nearly 12 years.

Boris Johnson, who is the mayor of London, said that he wants to give a huge congratulations to Tokyo. They have been blessed with the honour of hosting the world’s most spectacular sporting event. He went on to say that he was sure that the event in Tokyo will be extraordinary, just like it was in London. This is an exciting time, but Tokyo has years of hard work ahead of them to prepare for the games.

This is a historical moment for Asia as a whole. Due to Tokyo’s win, it will be the very first Asian city to ever host the Olympic Games twice. To celebrate this announcement, Tokyo residents gathered at Komazawa Olympic Park.

It is important to remember that Tokyo was awarded this event back in 1940. However, these games were eventually cancelled due to World War II. Tokyo would not win the honour of hosting the games gain until 1969.

This will be a huge boost for Japan as a whole. The country has been struggling as of late due to not only natural disasters but also the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown. During the bidding for the Olympic Games, the Prime Minister of Japan addressed concerns about the Fukushima nuclear plant. He said that the plant is more than 150 miles away from Tokyo. It has never done any damage nor will it ever do any damage to Tokyo.

Before Tokyo gets to host the games, the Olympic Games will be held in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro was chosen as the place to host the 2016 Olympic Games.



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