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Top 50 Secret Travel Locations in Europe Listed by Lonely Plant

South CostwoldsPeople love to travel all over the world to find the best travel locations. However, according to Lonely Plant, some of the best places to travel to are located in Europe. In fact, many of them are located in the UK. For example, Wilton’s Music Hall of east London made the company’s list of secret travel locations. This was just one of five British destinations that made it onto the list, proving that sometimes the best holidays are located right at home.

Another British location that made this list was The Dores Inn. This is a beautiful inn that overlooks Loch Ness’ eastern shore. It is a calm place to visit and one of the best locations in all of Britain to get some much needed rest. If it is food that travellers want, they should try Kinmel Arms pub of Conwy, Wales. This is an area that has real ale and some of the best food in the UK.

Despite all of the British locations that were on the list, it was the historic Olomouc located in the Czech Republic that was the number one location. Lonely Planet said that this place is nearly unknown to everyone outside the Czech Republic. The main square is one of the country’s most charming features.

The second spot on the list was Cabo de Gata in Spain. This area has some of the best beaches in the entire country. Amazingly, however, these beaches are also some of the least crowded. The few people who actually know about these beaches enjoy some of the best downtime that travellers could hope to get while visiting the beach.

Rounding out the top three was Krakow, Poland. This place made the list because it has one of the best bar scenes in all of Europe. The streets are narrow, and bars line the road. During the day, the place is peaceful, and at night it is not hard to find a good time. This is perfect for people who want to have a good time on their holidays.

Here are the top five British destinations that made Lonely Planet’s top 50. Please keep in mind that these locations are ranked in order as they appeared on the list.

1. Wilton’s Music Hall of East London

2. Kinmel Arms of Abergele, Conwy, Wales

3. Battle of East Sussex

4. South Costwolds

5. Eastern shore of Loch Ness in Scotland

Some may be shocked to see Cotswolds on the list because it gets a lot of tourists. However, Lonely Planet says that South Cotswolds is overlooked. This is because most of the people who visit only explore North Cotswolds. This area is extremely beautiful and the very definition of what a hidden gem is. It offers real scenic villages and there are hardly any coach tours. It gives people a real look at what Cotswolds really is.



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