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Top American Travel Peeves Revealed

Mobile DevicesNew research has found that American holidaymakers feel anxious when they don’t have mobile devices, annoyed when others look at their computer screens uninvited and angry when they can’t access power sources to charge their devices. The Intel Survey: Tech Norms for Travelers reveals that US travellers feel an emotional bond to their mobile devices to the point that they are more calm and less stressed when they have access to them on holiday.

The survey found that 82% of female travellers feel that losing their mobile computing device is very stressful, while 73% of men feel the same. Three-quarters of all holidaymakers take their mobile devices with them to stay connected with family and friends. For finding a secure power source for their device, 63% of young travellers admitted to going out of their way – including compromising their hygiene and comfort. About 37% said they sit on the floor, 33% choose coffee houses and restaurants based on the availability of a power outlet and 15% search public bathrooms for a source.

Also when they travel, 75% of young travellers are willing to pay more for a mobile device with longer battery life, while 62% of all respondents admitted this. Despite the need of mobile devices, 52% of all respondents said they are annoyed by the physical burdens of having them – including carrying battery packs, power cords, and having to take them out of their bag at airline security checks.

Nearly half of travellers (46%) say their biggest travel peeve about mobile devices is worrying about them being stolen or lost and someone looking at their screen. Among young travellers, 62% worry about this. However, 26% fail to take the simplest security precautions and admit to taking risks – like not securing wi-fi networks, leaving their device unattended, entering credit card details in public and looking at sensitive documents on the devices.

Also among the top pet peeves is others compromising their security and comfort, with 49% admitting to be annoyed by this. This includes viewing inappropriate content and screen glancing. Over 29% of all travellers say they have seen fellow travellers peeking at their screens. Despite this, 51% of young adults and 33% of all travellers say they peep at another traveller’s screen.

The survey also found out how some travellers perceive their mobile devices, with 64% saying they consider them as personal style accessories. Additionally, 21% admit to device envy, with 22% of men and 34% of women believing other devices are “cooler” looking than their own.

When on a flight, 30% of travellers don’t think they have to turn their devices off, while 13% of young travellers admit to monopolising an available power source. Furthermore, 13% of men admit to flaunting aviation rules to connect their device and ignore requests to shut them off. Eleven percent admitt to being personally asked by flight crew to power down their device after ignoring the initial instructions.

Intel Ambassador Mike Fard said that they find that many people have common must-have items on their holiday packing lists – like tablets, laptops and the Ultrabook. The bond between travellers and their mobile devices has become stronger in the last few years. There’s been an explosion of instant entertainment, information and other services made conveniently available on the internet. The times of travelling just to escape everyday life are gone as more people look to share their holiday experiences in real-time and enhance their trip to make it more fun and memorable, he added.




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