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Topless Pictures Are All the Rage for Travellers Thanks to Topless Tour

Topless TourEvery so often, a trend comes along that simply cannot be explained. Some people may try to explain what it is about, but the real reasoning behind it always gets lost in translation. One such case is the new Topless Tour campaign that has been a huge deal in the tourism industry.

So what is the point of women posting topless pictures of themselves while travelling? Some people say that it is an expression of liberation and adventure. There must be something freeing for women showing off their goods while on top of a mountain and taking a picture. Regardless of what the reasoning is behind it, women from all over the world are taking part in the Topless Tour, and guys do not seem to be interested in stopping them.

The idea was started by nothing more than a spontaneous post on Instagram. Now, it has blown up into something much larger and prompted other travellers to follow suit. Now, before people get too upset about the idea of posting topless pictures on the Internet for the world to see, it is worth noting that these pictures are taken from the back. So while it is apparent that the women are naked, they are not actually posting pornographic material on the Internet.

The Topless Tour began nearly two years ago by 21-year-old Lydia Buckler, 20-year-old Olivia Edginton and 20-year-old Ingvild Marstein Olsen. These three young girls are students at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire Music and Dance in London. In an attempt to capture a moment of “freedom” while taking a topless dip in Olsen’s Norwegian hometown, the girls decided to take a topless picture of themselves. The girls say it was not planned, it just kind of happened.

They then continued to travel around the world taking pictures of themselves. They travelled from Europe all the way to New York. The one thing that the pictures all had in common was that they all featured the women topless and posing against some kind of dramatic background.

Since then, the Topless Tour has gotten close to 20,000 followers on Instagram, and that number continues to grow by the day. Most of the pictures that are submitted to the Topless Tour are of women, but there are some men who have submitted pictures as well. Either way, the girls say that they never imagined that it was going to blow up to be as big as it has.

Edginton said that they were shocked when they saw the global reach that the Topless Tour had. It was something that they wanted to catch on, but they never believed it would or at least not as much as it has. She also said that one of the best messages that they have ever received from a follower was, “All the pressure and judging went away. And so did my shirt. I felt free, happy and me.” Edginton added that is just what the Topless Tour is about.



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