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Tour companies start canceling trips to North Korea

Flag Map of North KoreaNorth Korea could go to war any day now. Despite this fact, some people still want to travel there. So much, in fact, that many Chinese tour operators had to be told by local authorities that they must halt all trips to North Korea. After all, it is likely that North Korea will start being hit from every side should they try to attack South Korea or any one of its allies.

This is bound to hurt North Korea’s economy. After all, the country usually gets a lot of tourist visits from China. However, most Chinese tour operators have already pulled the plug on a number of their trips to the country. This is happening following the weeks of tension that have built up on the Korean peninsula.

An employee of well-known Chinese group Dandong China International Travel Service said that there were tourists still planning on visiting North Korea today. However, authorities just recently sent Dandong China International Travel Service a notification to halt all trips to North Korea and to tell people in the country to get back home.

Of course, it makes sense that China doesn’t want any of its citizens in the country. If North Korea goes to war, anyone in that country is at risk. Not only are they at risk from North Korea, they are at risk from invading forces from other, more powerful nations. This does include the United States and China, both of which are likely to protect South Korea from North Korea’s advances.

It is not just the Dandong China International Travel Service group that has to stop travel to the country. Five other travel groups in China were forced to stop tours to that area as well. It was worrying to the Chinese government that so many of its citizens were still planning to travel to North Korea despite the threat of war.

A spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hong Lei, said they recently noticed that a number of Chinese travel agents and tourist were still planning to visit North Korea despite the tense situation in the country. The government has now ordered the cancellation of all travel plans to North Korea at this time. It is not yet known when this travel ban will be lifted, but right now it is not safe for anyone to visit the country. The border has been completely shut down for anyone going in or out of North Korea, unless it is a Chinese national trying to come back home.

Of course, the border has not been completely shut down as stated. In fact, yesterday morning cars and trucks could still be seen coming in and out of North Korea. However, most of this was for commercial use, not for typical residents. However, residents in the area said that they were not overly concerned with the threat of war.

Apparently, residents in China are not worried, because they think all of this is just a threat from North Korea. They say that North Korea knows that the rest of the world is not going to let them off easy, and no one is going to support them.



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