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Tourist Almost Drowns in Chinese Geese Attack

China Tourist Attacked by BirdsThere are a lot of things people have to worry about when they go on holiday, such as thieves and learning their way around a new place. Now, apparently, they have to watch out for angry birds. At least, that is what one tourist will think about now after he was viciously attacked by two large geese after getting too close their river nest.

The tourist that was attacked was Lu Chen. He was on holiday in southern China enjoying a nice paddle down a stream in Gaowen Village, a small village located in the Guizhou province. It was about this time that two very large birds started to fly right at him.

When speaking about the ordeal, Chen said that he had no idea what was happening at first. He said that he just saw two birds coming right at him. They were hissing and looked very upset. He tried to scare them off at first, but this just seemed to make them angrier. Then, they started coming at him more violently.

At one point, they knocked him into the river, and it appeared as if they were trying to drown him. The birds were so large and strong that he could not get away. The geese were pecking at any part of this body that they could get their bills on: his hands, legs and arms. The birds were really powerful, so it would hurt every time they got a hold of him, which is why he really started to panic.

Thankfully, there were some locals nearby that saw the whole event. They were laughing a lot, but they pulled the man to safety. Chen added that it wasn’t until later that he knew he had strayed a little too close to their river nest.

The locals say that they have become used to the birds’ extremely aggressive behaviour. They try to warn people not to go near it, but sometimes a person slips by and starts getting attacked.

One local, who was not named, said that these birds will not let anyone in the stream. People can’t sit by it, walk in it or nothing. They are extremely territorial. This is the place that they look for food and raise their babies. When they are feeding, they don’t take very kindly to intruders in their home. Of course, they don’t like intruders of any kind, not just people.

The local added that everyone who lives there knows not to let their kids anywhere near the stream. It looks like it’s about time that the village putts up some kind of sign to warn tourists as well. However, it was kind of fun to watch.



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