Tourists reminded to stay off their mobiles when visiting the United States

Mobile Phone Driver (cartoon)UK travellers who are heading to the United States need to be aware of a huge crackdown taking place on the motorways. Currently, police in the United States are writing tickets for people who are talking on their mobile phones while driving. Although this law has been in effect for a while, police have recently been cracking down on it, and they are handing out tons of “distracted driver” tickets.

This law is now seen all over the United States. For example, in Delaware police have already issued more than 2,000 distracted driver tickets to people using their mobile phones while behind the wheel of a car. Government officials and local authorities believe that distracted drivers cause most of the accidents on motorways. The number one cause of people being distracted when in a car is mobile phones.

These 2,000 tickets were only given out over a two-week span in April. This is all part of a new campaign that has been kicked off in Delaware called: “Phone in One Hand, Ticket in the Other.” Avoiding this ticket is simple – don’t use a mobile phone while driving in the car. Using hands free devices are still allowed.

Since this campaign was started in Delaware, more than 4,200 tickets have been issued in the state alone. However, police don’t want people to think that this is going to end anytime soon. In fact, they said that a third wave of this campaign is coming in June. All of last year, police in Delaware issued only 13,000 distracted driver tickets. Now they have issued more than 4,000 in just one month.

Of course, authorities in the United States say that it is not just mobile phones that are distracting. Teens have a big problem with showing off for their friends when they are driving. This goes double when they are riding with a member of the opposite sex. This is a reference to teens who “flirt and drive.”

Some government officials are also blaming car manufactures. These officials say that the government has finally been getting people to put down their mobile phones when driving. Despite this, they are still messing with other gadgets when in the car. A lot of this has to do with car manufactures who continue to add high-tech gadgets and big in-dash screens to cars. People are just as likely to crash messing with their satellite radio or watching the negotiation system as they are messing with their mobile phone.

The temptation to mess with technology is very high. This goes double for businesspeople who spend a lot of their time in the cars. For these men, it seems like multi-tasking is the best use of their time. That being said, they are also putting themselves in danger.

So tourists who are visiting the United States this year need to be sure they leave those mobile phones off while driving a car. It doesn’t matter if the person is a tourist or not. If they are talking on the phone while driving, they are going to be given a ticket.



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