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Tourists Still Being Warned About Travelling to India After Another Girl Is Raped

IndiaTravelling to other areas of the world is always exciting, but sometimes it can be scary. Lately, many countries have been warning tourists not to travel to India unless they do so in a group. Single women should definitely avoid travelling to the area alone. This is because a number of rapes and assaults have been happening around the country as of late. Women in India have been asking the government to do something about it, but little has been done.

Now, another girl has been found dead. The man who spotted the body said that he had never seen anything like it before. He said that her body was spotted by train tracks; it was split into pieces and covered by cloth to hide it.

The family of the girl said that the village court had been abusing her as of late. Before her death, the village elders spit on the ground and ordered her to lick it up. It was her shame for defying them. Her father has filed a lawsuit against the 13 elders of the village. He said that they not only raped her, but they kidnapped and murdered her as well. Police have only arrested two out of the 13 so far and say that they are still waiting for the post-mortem exam to come back so they can build a case.

Reports suggest that this girl and her family had become a target after her family placed a vote with the local communist party. This was a problem because the village elders said that they all belong to the TMC party, which is the current ruling party. Despite this, all of the elders in the area have denied having any kind of involvement in the attack made on the young 15-year-old girl.

So far, the media has been focusing on the sexual violence against women in this area. This has been a problem since 2012, when a young girl was gang raped to death on a Delhi bus during the day. The government has claimed that it has tightened laws to keep women safe in India. This was done after widespread protest throughout the country. That being said, there is a culture for abusing women in India. For years, women who speak out against men have been punished, often with beatings and rape.

Putting an end to this is going to be hard. This is because of India’s traditions and weak legal system. The policies that the government comes up with are usually patchy at best. In fact, most rural zones are able to retain their own power separate from the overall government.

Early this year, a young woman was raped by at least 13 men around West Bengal. The exact number of men that raped her is still unknown. Apparently, this was her punishment for having a relationship with a local man who was not sanctioned by the village elders. The punishment was to “use” her so much that the man would no longer want her. Then, in October of last year, a teenage girl was raped twice in India. The second attack happened as she left the police station to report the first rape; then she was eventually murdered.



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