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Travel Advice When Visiting the FIFA World Cup in Sao Paulo

2014 FIFA World Cup logoOn June 12 of this year, thousands of Brits will travel to Sao Paulo to watch the FIFA World Cup. Before traveling to Brazil, here are some travel tips that fans should consider. These tips are provided by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and will help ensure that fans make the most out of their trips.

Plan Transportation While in Brazil

Remember that Brazil is a big country. In fact, it is seven times the size of South Africa. As a result, fans should plan their journeys between stadiums very carefully. These stadiums are spread far apart. A flight from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus will take four hours by itself. Fans who plan to use any form of public transportation while in Brazil need to make sure that they only use licensed taxis that are provided throughout the country. Those who plan to drive themselves need to remember that cars are driven on the opposite side of the road compared to the UK. Last but not least, Brazil has a zero-tolerance policy in place for drinking and driving. People who are caught driving under the influence will be prosecuted.

Tips for Safe Travel

When traveling to Brazil, there are a few things to be on the lookout for. For example, be aware of pick-pockets because they typically target tourists since they know that they are carrying money. Travellers who are jumped or attacked need to be ready to hand over their valuables. Never attempt to resist attackers because they may be influenced by drugs or could be armed. Also, fans should keep their passports in very safe places and photocopies with them. This is generally accepted by most authorities.

Health Risks

It is a good idea to take out comprehensive travel insurance before traveling to Brazil. Fans should also be up to date with all of their medications and vaccinations before traveling. Always carry mosquito repellent because this will help protect against the mosquitoes that carry the dengue fever virus. Also, travellers should carry a bottle of water if they are going to be outdoors for a long period of time. It can get very hot in Brazil.

Scams to Watch Out For

There are a lot of scam artists in Brazil who will try to take advantage of people who are from out of town. First, all banks require a passport when exchanging money. These banks also impose £300 charges when withdrawing cash. When carrying cash, travellers should only carry the cash that they plan to use during the day. This way, scam artists do not have access to all of their money.

On Game Day

On the day that the match is going to start, remember to arrive early to the match. Doing this will help fans avoid missing the start. Fans also need to make sure that their tickets are genuine by checking with the FIFA World Cup Ticketing Center at 0300 021 2014. It is also important to carry an ID because all tickets are ID specific.

To get more advice, check out the Foreign and Commonwealth World Cup 2014 travel advice page.



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