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Travel Chaos Hits as Millions of Brits Take to the Streets for Boxing Day

UK TrafficBoxing Day is always a huge shopping day for Brits. However, this year’s Boxing Day was one of the worst on record as millions of Brits took to the streets in search of deals. One reason why this day produced so many shoppers was because stores were looking to earn some extra money after having a dismal Christmas season. These great sales brought out millions of shoppers and packed the streets and railways alike.

Experts say that the number of shoppers seen for Boxing Day this year would have been a lot worse if it was not for the Internet. Although millions took to the streets, hundreds of millions took to the Internet in search of great deals. One of the biggest online shopping days was Christmas Day, when most stores were closed. If people wanted to shop, they had to do so on the Internet.

Over the course of December 24 and 25, nearly 45 million hours were spent shopping online. These hours were logged by nearly 118 million shoppers in the UK. This represents a huge increase in online Christmas Day orders of 19 percent. Nearly 76 percent of all Internet traffic this year came from tablet computers and smartphones. This is likely due to the fact that people could remain in the same room as their family members without having to hang out in the computer room.

This shows that mobile devices are changing the way people shop forever. For example, stores used to see no business on days like Christmas. No employees want to work, so no one can run the physical stores. Now, however, thanks to online stores, people can shop even when stores are closed. In short, the Internet makes it possible for consumers to shop whenever they want and however they want. Stores can meet the hours of any shopper, no matter when they want to shop.

Although shopping habits are starting to change, this did not seem to effect just how busy physical stores were on Boxing Day. In fact, a number of stores offered in-store deals online. This means that if people wanted to take advantage of their special offers, they had to go to the store. Judging by how many people went out for Boxing Day, it is likely that people had to start their shopping day early.

During Boxing Day, there were also long lines at the service counters as people looked to return gifts.  This is something that was not only seen in the UK but in America too. This is a shopping habit that experts do not believe will ever change. People love to receive gifts, but nothing beats being able to pick out what they really want themselves. The best way to do that is to return questionable gifts and get the money back for them.

Boxing Day may be over, but the sales are not. In fact, experts are expecting the weekend to be slammed as people look to take advantage of deals that are expected to last the rest of the week. The huge increase in online shoppers is likely to continue throughout next week as people look for ways to spend their holiday money.



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