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Travel in the United States Disrupted by Winter Storm

Snow fallingThe UK is not the only country that is dealing with bad weather right now. The United States just saw its travel industry completely disrupted by a winter storm that came down from the north. This massive storm covered much of the southeastern part of the United States with a lot of snow and ice. This storm is now heading towards the eastern part of the country and once again threatens to cause travel problems for anyone looking to get in or out of the country.

Just this past Sunday, the storm dropped nearly 16 centimetres of snow in parts of West Virginia. This snow storm eventually hit areas of Washington, D.C. as well. As the storm continues to push further north, it will hit the East Coast with freezing rain, sleet and tons of snow. Parts of Maine and Maryland are under a winter storm warning that was issued by the National Weather Service.

This storm is making it difficult to travel around the eastern part of the country via the motorways because of all the icy rain. Snow and ice have not only reduced visibility when driving but also coated the motorways with a layer of thick ice. Bridges were the first to be effected, but it did not take long for most of the roadways to be covered in ice despite the salt solution that was placed on the roadways before the storm hit. Multiple accidents have already been reported in places like New Jersey and Delaware as a result of the snow.

One of the meteorologists at the National Weather Service, Brian Hurley, said that some parts of Delaware, Maryland and even southern parts of New Jersey received up to 30cm of snow. Oddly enough, this is a very narrow band of heavy snow. However, due to the fact that it is slow moving, it is dumping a lot of snow on areas before it passes by.

The Federal Aviation Administration said that it had no choice but to ground flights in many airports located on the East Coast. This could make it hard for people from Europe to find a flight over until this storm passes. On that same note, Brits looking to get home from the East Coast of the United States have found their flights cancelled. As a result of the snow, more than 2,500 flights in the United States have been cancelled. This number is expected to grow as the storm slowly moves north.

In Philadelphia, local reports show that over 50 cars have already been damaged as a result of accidents caused by the snow. One man was even killed after he exited his vehicle after getting into an accident. He was hit by another car that was unable to stop because of the snow. Philadelphia officials are asking people to avoid getting on the roadways if at all possible. The fewer vehicles that they have out on the roads the better.



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