Travel Industry Still in Trouble as United Airlines Cuts 240 More Jobs

United Airlines PlaneThere is no doubt that the airline industry is on the road to recovery. However, to say that it is back to its former glory would be a fabrication. In fact, a number of airlines around the world continue to struggle when it comes to net profits. Take United Airlines for example, which just announced that it is going to cut another 240 jobs in Canada. These cuts are going to take effect over the next 90 days.

Reports from the airline show that United Airlines’ Toronto operations will lose about 95 jobs, while Vancouver and Calgary will lose 84 and 61 respectively. The airline said that these cuts were a difficult decision for the airline. Despite this fact, they were necessary because United Airlines is always looking for new opportunities to run more efficiently. In short, United Airlines needs to become a sustainable business.

The airline also said that based on a competitive bid, it has made the decision to outsource these jobs. The jobs that will be outsource include cabin and runway jobs. United Airlines will also be talking to vendors to make sure that the laid-off United Airlines employees get considered for new jobs.

Although United Airlines is doing all that it can to make sure that its employees are taken care of as they become unemployed, it still puts a hurt on the already saturated unemployment market. While United Airlines pulls strings to find jobs for its laid-off members, the people who have been waiting for jobs for months are left still searching. Either way, these layoffs effect the community in more ways than one.

Despite these job cuts, Untied Airlines says that it will be making no changes to its service. Thus, it plans to continue to run the same number of flights that it has been running, just with fewer staff members. United Airlines says that it will not affect the way these flights operate out of these cities.

The workers in Toronto are represented by Ubifor, a union that was formed just last year. Jerry Dias, the national president of Unifor, said that this is a very devastating blow to the experienced workforce of United Airlines. These workers have a proven track record. This is all blamed on the inadequate laws that are protecting the right of the workers. These kinds of cuts simply should not be allowed. The workers have done nothing wrong, yet they are simply cut loose.

Of course, industry experts say that unions sometimes forget that an airline cannot pay for “proven” employees if it does not have the money to do so. When an airline is losing money, it has no choice but to make cuts. This is not a reflection of the work that these workers are doing but just a reflection of the market. Without these cuts, the airline would lose even more money, and eventually this could lead to it closing down altogether. Then, all of its employees would be without jobs.



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