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Travel Scams for Which All Travellers Need to Be Aware

Scam SignTravelling is a lot of fun. It’s full of adventure and wonder. However, travellers always have to be on their toes when travelling, especially when travelling to different countries. Since tourists are usually targeted by scammers as easy targets, there are a few scams for which travellers should be on the lookout.

Cheap Airline Tickets

This is a common scam that results in people being tricked with the hope of getting cheap airfare. The scam starts with the scammer buying real airline tickets with a credit card. Then, they turn around and sell the tickets for cash to a would-be traveller for cheaper than what they paid for it. However, after selling the tickets, they get a refund. While the scammer gets the traveller’s cash, the traveller is left with a cancelled airline ticket.

Watch Our for the Fake Wake-Up Call

According to a survey commissioned by, many travellers are easily tricked by the “fake wake up call” scam. While travellers are sleeping in their hotel rooms late at night, they are awakened with phone calls from the scammers claiming to be the front desk. The scammers say that the front desk computers crashed, so they needs to collect credit card numbers again from the guests. This works late at night because people are still sleepy and don’t think it out before giving out their credit card information.

Cheap Gemstones

People are always on the lookout for good deals when travelling overseas. Unfortunately, scammers know this and use it to their advantage. One way they do this is with fake gemstones. This is a simple scam in which scammers use stones that look like authentic stones, placing them in jewelry and selling them to travellers at full price. The stones may be put in bracelets and earrings and sold for a lot of money.  By the time the traveller can have the jewelry looked at to figure out it’s fake, the thieves are long gone.

Fake Takeaway Menus

It’s not uncommon for hotels to get takeaway menus. This is good business because many travellers hate to leave their hotel rooms after getting settled in for the night to find food. This is why scammers have come up with fake takeaway menus. Ordering from these menus will not result in any food, but the person on the other end will have the credit or debit card information that the travellers used to pay for their fake meals. This can be avoided by either eating at local restaurants or just paying extra to order room service. It will still be cheaper than getting scammed.



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