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Travel to West Africa May Spread the Ebola Virus Globally

Health workers in West Africa for Ebola outbreakRight now, West Africa is in the middle of trying to fight off the worst Ebola breakout ever recorded. However, scientists say that there are some real concerns that this outbreak could end up in other countries too. This is because people who are travelling to West Africa are taking the virus back home with them.

Australia has already started taking steps to prevent the disease from getting in by warning against travel to areas of West Africa that have been affected by Ebola. This warning came out after Ebola was spread to Nigeria by an infected plane passenger who had just gotten back from an affected area.

With fears of the Ebola outbreak spreading, scientists around the world are busy looking for a cure. Scientists in Victoria are using live samples of this disease to find a cure. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade released a statement on Tuesday, confirming that this outbreak is of significant concern right now. It said that all Australians in West Africa need to maintain very strict hygiene standards. This includes, but is not limited to, avoiding direct contact with anyone who is known to have the Ebola illness.

The DFAT added that travellers need to avoid coming not contact with any items that may have been contaminated with bodily fluids as well. This is because the Ebola virus is spread via bodily fluids. Travellers in West Africa also must avoid eating or handling undercooked animal products, such as blood on meat, and they should also avoid contact with any kind of wild animal.

The problem with trying to stop the spread of Ebola is that it’s highly infectious. People who become infected with the Ebola virus usually die within just a few weeks of getting it. Ebola is deadly in 90 percent of its victims.

To find a cure, scientists are currently working with ferrets and pigs. One of the scientists, Dr Glenn Marsh, said that no one has ever tried to inject a ferret with Ebola. They are not sure what is going to happen. However, they will be looking for any kind of similar symptoms that the ferret has that is common in humans.

This same Ebola outbreak started in rural areas and in forests. Now, however, the virus has quickly spread across West Africa and has killed at least 672 people. This is the biggest death toll that this disease has ever achieved. This news came after an American doctor who was working in Liberia also became infected with the disease.

Dr Kent Brantly is from Texas and is 33 years old. He has recently been moved to Samaritan’s Pure organization with his family. They did this to prevent the spread of the disease. Another worker from North Carolina was also infected with the virus after she travelled to West Africa as an aid worker. Unfortunately, the Ebola virus has an incubation period of 21 days. During this time it cannot be detected on the spot.



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