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Travel Warnings for Thailand After Military Overthrows the Government

Flag Map of ThailandPeople who are thinking about travelling to Thailand soon might want to rethink their holiday destination. There is a lot of political unrest in Thailand right now after the military staged a coup against the Thailand government. For those who do not know, a coup is an illegal seize of power from a government. Since the coup, the military has taken more than 100 politicians into custody.

Former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was order to show up at military council this week. Yingluck was first detained last Friday in Bangkok and had to spend the night in custody before she was finally released. Politicians who are being arrested now are being charged with acting or speaking against the monarchy. The military looks to put an end to this right away.

Right now, the politicians have the support of the people; they just do not have the power to overthrow the strength of the military. Ever since the coup, several hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of Bangkok. They are showing their anger with the way the military took power away from the government. This has led to a number of arrests because the military placed a ban on all large gatherings.

The goal of the military taking power was supposed to help restore peace to Thailand. However, protesters are saying that instead of restoring peace, this coup has done nothing other than fan the flames of the problem.

Col Werachon Sukhondhadhpatipak, the current spokesman for the military, said this past Saturday that all of the politicians who have been detained have only been detained for a little while. They are being detained to help give the military time to think. For now, he refuses to say where all of the politicians are being held. Also, as most may have already guessed, he noted that their mobile phones and all their electronics have been confiscated for the time being.

Despite everything that has happen, the current government party has been quoted as saying that it will not back down or surrender to military authorities. The military may have the physical power, but the government has the power of the people.

So far, nothing out of this coup has been out of the ordinary. The military wasted no time in implementing a stiff curfew and censorship for people to follow. Right now the military is in complete control over all of the entertainment that is seen on TV in Thailand. Also, to help demonstrate its power, there are plenty of armed guards walking about the streets of Bangkok. This is not the first time the Thailand military has staged a coup, but this one has caused the most anger and resentment from the people.



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