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Travellers to Spend More Money on Car Rentals in France

holiday autos logoAnyone who is planning on doing a little traveling this summer may want to stay away from some places in Europe. One such place is France. According to a new study that was released by Holiday Autos, France is currently the most expensive place for Brits to take a holiday. This is thanks in part to how expensive car rentals are in France.

According to Holiday Autos, which is a popular car hire broker website, the average cost of renting cars in France is around £788. This study was based on a consumer renting a hatchback in France for a week compared to the same car rental in Cyprus. Based on the same search settings, a consumer could rent a car in Cyprus for £206 for seven days. Saving this amount of money could make the difference between some families being able to take a holiday or not.

The managing director of Holiday Autos, Kevin Currie, said that these findings are very significant. So far, the start to 2013 has been miserable in terms of travel. Thus, many Brits are ready to get out of the UK and do a bit of traveling around Europe. That being said, these travellers still want to get the most out of their hard-earned money. People have a lot to look at when they book. This includes hotels, flights and car rentals. When there are so many things to focus on, it is easy to get ripped off in some cases.

Kevin went on to say that consumers have not learned yet that they end up paying more money when they do certain things. This includes booking holidays in certain popular areas. The best way to make the most out of a holiday is to make a budget go as far as possible. In some cases, this might mean avoiding some of those European hot spots.

Other areas that were recommend included South Africa. This actually turned out to be the second least expensive place to rent cars. On average, the price of renting a car in South Africa was only £262. Another area that people might want to avoid is Germany. Here, car rental prices can be steep and range between £576 and £666.

When figuring out this price index, Holiday Autos had to look at many different factors. For example, they had to look at the cost of petrol in certain areas. On top of that, they also went as far as to look at the speeding fines for different areas as well. They really wanted to give consumers a taste of what areas offer the best value.

That being said, the areas that have high rental prices are like that for a reason. They offer popular tourist attractions that bring in a lot of travellers. When thinking about taking a holiday, consumers need to be sure to weigh their options. Although it might be fun to visit some of these countries with popular tourist attractions, it does no good if renting a car leaves the holidaymaker broke.



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