Turkish Airlines says lipstick ban was a mistake

Turkish AirlinesA while back, Turkish Airlines announced a very constructional ban. According to its flight crew, the airline banned them from wearing red lipstick. This ban was brought to light after the airline’s Media Relations department sent out a memo to all of its flight crew. In the memo, it told all flight crew members that they were banned from wearing any kind of red cosmetics. This ban caused Turkish Airlines a lot of grief. So much, in fact, that the airline has now said that this ban was nothing more than a mistake.

Just last week the Media Relations wing of Turkish Airlines sent out a statement that said no dark-pink or red lipstick could be used by the cabin crew. On top of that, the memo said that red or any shade of red could not be used as nail polish either. According to the memo, the Media Relations department said that this colour impairs the visual integrity of the cabin crew. As a result of this, the airline has adopted a new practice in which cabin crew members must use cosmetics of a more “mute” colour.

Now the president of Turkish Airlines, Dr Temel Kotil, says that this memo was nothing more than a mistake. He said that this idea was never approved and is not really a policy at all. Apparently, Dr Kotil said that this policy was approved by a very low level manager. Although the manager’s heart was in the right place, this policy would take the airline one step-forward and about four steps back.

Although the idea of this new policy sounded crazy, no one second-guessed that it might be a mistake. After all, Turkish Airlines has been in the process of making a number of changes. For example, it no longer serves any kind of alcohol to economy passengers. On top of that, the airline has banned all of its flight attendants from bleaching their hair. So the idea that the airline was banning red cosmetics didn’t seem too farfetched.

Despite the announcement that this ban is not real, many women protested the airline’s red lipstick ban. They did this by posting a number of pictures of themselves wearing extremely bright red lipstick on social media websites. This protest started to gain a large following, and this is one reason why people believe that Turkish Airlines was quick to say that this ban is fake.

On Twitter, one former passenger told Turkish Airlines that she would not be choosing their airline anymore. In fact, she will wear the brightest red lipstick she can find and proudly fly with another carrier. If it had just been one passenger that said this, Turkish Airlines may not have worried about it. However, there were literally hundreds of other posts that were very similar in content to this woman’s.

It will be interesting to see where Turkish Airlines goes from here. Will the airline continue announcing more outrageous bans, or will it give it a break now after the backlash of this last policy? Of course, the question still remains: Was this ban ever really approved? It is very easy for the airline to say that it wasn’t just to save face.



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