Turkish Airlines sends couple 6,900 miles out of the way

Turkish AirlinesA while back a study was done by an independent research group that asked people: When flying, what do you worry about the most? Some of the answers included plane crashes, fake pilots and sitting next to kids. That being said, one of the most common fears was also falling asleep and waking up in the wrong area. Unfortunately, this is just what happened to Sandy Valdivieso and her husband.

This couple purchased tickets to fly from their home in Los Angeles to Darkar in Africa. This couple was shocked to find out that they were in Dhaka, Bangladesh when they woke up. This is a city that is about 6,900 miles from the destination that they originally wanted. In fact, it is on a completely different continent.

This couple booked their flight with Turkish Airlines. In order to get to their destination, they had a layover in Istanbul. Here they were supposed to catch their connecting flight and head to Dakar. Unfortunately, after boarding their flight they quickly went to sleep. They got up several hours later to find out that they were over the Middle East. This means that they were heading in the wrong direction.

So now the question is: Who’s fault was it that this couple ended up heading in the wrong direction? Apparently it was a mix-up caused by the airline employees. Reports show that an airline employee accidentally put in the wrong three-letters of the airline code that the couple was supposed to be flying to. The employee was supposed to put in DKR for Dakar. Instead, he put in DAC for Dhaka. This may be considered a simple mistake, but it caused this couple to head nearly 7,000 miles in the wrong direction.

The couple said that they heard the flight attendant say that they were heading to Dhaka. However, they assumed that this was how one would pronounce Dakar with a Turkish accent. Thus, the couple did not think anything else about it and just went to sleep. The couple was very surprised when they woke up heading in the wrong direction.

Of course, since the flight was already in progress, there was nothing that they could do about it. They had to wait until the flight landed to show the airline their mistake. Despite it being the airline’s fault, the couple still had to wait a few more hours for the airline to confirm that they made a mistake. During this time, Turkish Airlines had to track down the phone booking that the couple made. Once they found the call, they confirmed that the couple had booked a trip to Dakar and not Dhaka.

The airline did fly the couple back to Istanbul for free. However, the couple had to wait for the next flight, which was more than 12 hours later. A spokesman for Turkish Airlines said that the couple would also receive a couple of free economy tickets to fly to any destination that they want.  The question is: Will the couple trust Turkish Airlines enough to fly with them again?



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