Two Traffic Officers Caught Fighting in the Middle of the Road During Rush Hour

Traffic officers fightingNo matter what country someone lives in, rush hour is a bad time to be on the motorways. During this time, there is usually wall-to-wall traffic, and any little hold up can push someone over the edge. Of course, usually when people think of motorists getting upset during rush hour, they think of the drivers and not the officers directing traffic. Apparently, things are just a little different in Tangshan, China.

Thanks to a video camera, two female officers were caught fighting on the job in Tangshan, China. These two ladies, who were supposed to be directing traffic, started fighting in the middle of a pedestrian crosswalk. One of the officers gave a good blow to her co-worker, sending her towards the ground.

During the fight, the two women punched and pulled hair as the motorists continued to drive. In fact, it appeared as nothing else mattered during the fight as cars honked for the two women to get out of the way. Of course, not everyone was so worried about getting to their destination after seeing such a special event. In fact, two people can be heard laughing in the video as they watch the two women continue to fight.

To make matters worse, the fight went on for nearly a minute before another female traffic officer came in to break up the fight. This other female officer had to leave her post to break up the fight. She grabbed the two ladies by the arms to keep them from going at it. However, it was not until a male officer stepped in that the fight was officially over.

Of course, the police department is not taking any responsibility for this scene. In fact, reports from the Shanghai Daily News state that these two women were hired as traffic police assistants. In short, they are not full-time employees. Of course, after creating this kind of problem on the motorways, these two women were fired.

Police say that the street fight took place just before 9 a.m. on July 8 while people were trying to get to work. These kinds of Chinese officers are used all the time because motorways in major cities are very prone to congestion. On that morning, however, the traffic officers ended up causing more problems than they helped solve.

The police department did say that it apologizes for any problems these two officers might have caused. Although the fight only lasted for a minute, it does not take much time for streets in China to get backed up. It also wanted to remind people that hanging out in the middle of a motorway, for any reason, is dangerous. It encourages people to always listen to the traffic officers that are on duty and to always use the crosswalks. This is for the safety of not only the people crossing the street but also the people driving.



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