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UFO tapes released after 30 years by USAF

Tapes made during a midnight investigation of weird phenomena in Rendlesham Forest by serving USAF military personnel come no closer to revealing the mystery object’s origin.

Just after Christmas 1980, a group of airmen from Bentwaters Air base were sent to investigate strange sightings in the nearby forest. Led by Col Charles Holt, second in command at the base, they tracked damage to tree branches high above their heads and followed coloured lights in the sky.

The conversations between the men are clearly heard on the recordings, with comments about small red lights dead ahead, very active and noisy farm animals suddenly going deathly quiet and more red, flashing lights appearing and disappearing amongst the trees.

Despite 30 years of speculation by those involved and many other groups, there has never been a definitive answer to the strange happenings on that long-ago night. Theories range from UFO landings to lighthouse lights and a covered-up mishap of an undisclosed nature.

Col Holt, however, and a good number of his men are convinced that aliens were responsible for the bizarre events. Over 120 USAF airmen have seen similar events over a period of 40 years, especially around nuclear facilities, and are planning to reveal their experiences. All believe that both UK and US authorities are keeping a tight lid on strange happenings at Bentwater and other USAF bases.

Retired Captain Robert Salas is convinced that he saw a UFO hovering over missile silos at Montana’s Malmstrom USAF base exactly at the moment that the silos unexpectedly shut down. Researcher and writer on UFO sightings Robert Hastings believes that aliens are interested only in surveillance and that several landings have been made.



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