UK Government May Start Offering Tax Breaks for People Who Buy Electric Cars

Electric car being chargedDue to the rising price of petrol in the UK, motoring can be expensive. One would think that this is reason enough to switch from a petrol-burning car to an electric one. However, the government has quickly learned that people need more of a reason to switch. So in order to encourage that, the government might be returning to its most used plan when it comes to getting people to do things it wants, and that is offer tax breaks.

Whenever the UK government wants people to start doing a certain thing, it simply slaps a tax break on it. Then, like a moth to a flame, people run toward it. Well, it now seems that the government might start offering concessions for people who are willing to give up their combustion engines in favour of electric ones.

Right now, drivers who switch over to electric cars are being offered a £5,000 grant. Despite this, reports suggest that only about 4,000 motorists in the UK have made the switch from petrol to electric cars. It is not due to lack of electric cars either. Right Toyota, Renault BMW and even Nissan have their own electric cars for sale.

In order to help move things along, the government is considering a new package. The first thing this package is supposed to address is people’s number one concern about switching to electric, and that is the inability to travel more than 100 miles on one charge. The government wants to invest more than £10 million in funding for companies to come up with a longer-lasting battery.

The government is also thinking of investing in a number of hydrogen refuelling stations. These stations will be located all over the UK. In short, this will offer more fuelling spots for drivers who use fuel cells to power their cars. Currently, fuel cells are being used by buses in major cities all over the UK.

Of course there is a limit to how much money the government is willing to shell out, and people who want to take advantage of the grant need to do so before 2050. The government is hoping to have almost every car on the roadway an ultra-low emissions vehicle by then. This is a big undertaking and is sure to cost the country a lot of money.

Norman Baker, who is the road minister in the UK, said that the country has to move into a different gear when it comes to getting people to switch to electric cars. The cars of tomorrow will be a lot different than today. The vision of the government is to have close to every car on the road low emissions by 2050. The government wants the UK to be at the forefront of this goal and get there before other countries.

The truth is that electric cars have not been around that long. Despite this fact, they have seen their share of the car market grow. As people look for more ways to save on petrol, they find out that the best way to save is to switch from petrol and go completely electric.



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