UK Government wants courts that are dedicated to deal with motoring offenses

Traffic Warden Issuing Parking TicketEvery day there are tons of motoring offenses that go to the court room. However, the larger courts are getting overwhelmed with minor motoring offenses that are keeping the bigger cases on hold. Now the UK government wants to create small traffic courts that can deal with these minor motoring trials so that the bigger courts can deal with the bigger cases.

Reports show that nearly half a million minor traffic offenses are handled by courts each year. The problem is these smaller traffic offenses usually take longer to process than major offenses. After all, these major cases need to get pushed through the court systems quicker.

If these new courts become part of the current system, drivers who have been caught speeding or running red lights will be on the fast-track to receiving their punishments. In some cases, drivers who have broken the law over a year ago have still yet to appear in court. This is something the UK government wants to deal with quickly.

Ministers say that these traffic courts could really help the overall court system in the UK. These smaller traffic crimes are causing problems with bigger cases that need to be handled. If the government could set up these new traffic courts, it could really improve the UK’s justice system. No one will be able to commit a crime in the UK and wait over a year to receive their punishment.

Damian Green, who is the Justice Minister, said that enforcing all traffic laws in the UK is extremely important. No matter what size the crime, everyone needs to stand accountable for what they have done. Enforcing these traffic laws is going to keep people safe and could actually save lives.

That being said, Mr Green also said that these cases take close to six months to complete. This is outrageous considering the fact that close to 90 percent of people who get charged plead guilty. Thus, this is unacceptable, and something needs to be done.

Mr Green believes that the only way to fix this is to make a justice system that can respond to all of these offenses quicker. Having courts that deal specifically with small traffic crimes will make sure that local communities get the justice they deserve. It will also allow magistrates to better organize their work and the cases that need to be addressed.

So far, there are nine areas in the UK that have been trialling these new courts. If these trials go well, the government will set up more of these courts across Wales and England. From there they would spread across the rest of the UK. No time limit was given on how long this could take.

Sadiq Khan, who is the Shadow Justice Secretary, said that this is a problem that should not be at the top of the list to address. This is a very small problem in the list of larger issues in the justice system. The whole system needs an overhaul, and making smaller courts to handle traffic problems is not going to fix this.



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