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UK Hit by Flooding, More on the Way

Flood & flood signIt was a wet and rainy weekend for people living in the UK. To make matters worse, this rainy weekend turned into misery as people all over the country were hit by floods. On top of that, forecasters are warning people that the worst is not over yet. There are large bands of rain heading toward the UK right now.

Over the weekend, the Environment Agency said that it issued nine severe flood warnings. These are the flood warnings that mean people’s lives are in danger. As of Sunday, the number of warnings went down to just two. However, with more rain on the way, the agency says that more flood warnings are likely to be issued.

People who are living near rivers and any other low-lying areas are the ones who have been hit the hardest. There were many dramatic rescues carried out over the weekend for both humans and animals. The flood risk manager for the Environment Agency, Kate Marks, said that high tides and huge waves were one of the real threats here. This goes double for the southern coast, which has seen the largest waves so far. The ground is already saturated, so more rain could just leave rivers flooding even more.

Marks also said that more severe weather is expected to hit the UK in the coming days. The agency is likely to issue even more warnings, so people should check if they are in an area that has been designated as a flood risk. People who are in these areas need to take action now to protect their property and their families.

So far, no deaths have been confirmed. However, there are reports of some people going missing, and search crews have been assembled. There have even been reports of heroics as stories pop up of everyday citizens swimming the flood waters to save their families.

There is a lot of worry for people who are already out at sea. Six crew members that were on board a fishing ship had to be rescued over the weekend after their boat took damage. The crew says that the boat was hit by a number of huge waves before they lost control. They ended up losing power and steering capability. Thankfully, the Royal Navy was able to get to them and save them before anyone was injured.

Official reports suggest that around 200 homes in both Wales and England have been hit by flood waters. People are advised to avoid the water at all costs. Due to the fact that flood water contains trash and other matter, scientists say that it contains very high levels of bacteria. Getting in or dealing with the flood water is a danger to public health. According to the microbiologists at the University of Reading, waters in Somerset have around 70,000 bacteria per 100 millilitres. The World Health Organization says that water should have no more than 1,000 bacteria per 100 millilitres.



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