UK Motorists Worry the Most About Rising Fuel Costs

Driver Holding Fuel PumpThere are a lot of things for UK motorists to be worried about. According to British Car Auctions, the most pressing matter that Brits worry about is rising fuel costs. It does not matter if they own their own car or rent one. Most Brits are worried that they will not be able to afford to drive soon.

British Car Auctions recently did a study on 400 used car buyers. These would-be car buyers are considering swapping out their old cars for once that are more fuel-efficient. The editor of British Car Auctions’ Used Car Market Report, Tim Naylor, said that the cost of fuel for cars remains the top concern for drivers, and it has been for a long time. Despite the fact that the AA has reported that there is a steady drop in fuel prices, people are still worried about it. At least 70 percent of the 400 people that were questioned admitted that the top thing they worry about is fuel costs.

From 2010 to 2013, diesel and petrol prices jumped by nearly 22 percent. Thankfully, George Osborne recently confirmed that there will be a freeze on fuel duty in the 2014 Budget. As a result of these factors, the current price of fuel is about two pence cheaper than what it was at the start of 2013. That being said, this is not a big enough drop to make consumers feel like they are paying much less at the pumps.

Naylor said that the reality of the situation is that fuel prices today are still way too high. All a motorist has to do is compare the prices to what they were a few years ago to confirm that. There are a lot of people on the road who still remember when fuel prices were under £1 a litre. With close to three quarters of the people who responded to the survey using their cars every single day, it is clear that every aspect of motoring is a worry but none more than fuel.

In that regard, Naylor is 100 percent correct. While most people are worried about fuel prices, they also noted on the survey that there were other rising costs that people are worried about. This includes servicing their car, parking costs, insurance and taxes. All of these things followed very closely behind the cost of fuel being the top concern.

Although there is a hold on fuel taxes right now, that will not last forever. On top of that, fuel prices will continue to rise in the near future. The best way to save money at the pump is to invest in cars that get great fuel economy. The more miles to the gallon a car gets, the less often people have to stop to fill up their car. Also, the technology in electric cars is getting better by the day. Soon, people will be able to use electric cars for all of their travel needs.



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