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UK Retailers Trying to Lure People in With 3DS Price Drops

Nintendo 3DSNintendo just recently released their Nintendo 3DS hand held. So far, the sales of the system have been very well. In fact, reports show that this is the fastest selling Nintendo system to date, even outselling the super popular Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS systems.

That being said, many UK retailers are figuring out that they can actually draw in consumers by lowering the price of the hand-held system. At first, reports suggested that stores were dropping the price of the 3DS in order to move systems. However, new reports are saying that stores are not having any problem selling the systems but are having a harder time moving some of the games.

The price of the Nintendo 3DS used to be up to around £200. However, a number of stores have now been slashing their prices in light of the upcoming Easter holiday. GAME and HMV have dropped their price of the system down to just £179.99. UK Amazon is currently selling the system for just £187, while Tesco, who is not a store to be left behind, has also dropped the price of their systems to an amazing £175. There are a number of other stores as well that have been slashing back their prices.

Alright, so these prices are way lower than what Nintendo recommends selling the system for, so what gives? Gaming experts say that stores are dropping the price of the 3DS to get people in their doors to buy the system. The companies are hoping that once the people get in the doors to buy the system, they will also spend more money there buying games and other accessories.

Nintendo has the power to only suggest the best price to sell their systems. It is the stores that have the final say. Nintendo may officially drop the price of their 3DS once sales slow down, but at this current pace, this won’t be for awhile. In fact, sales of the 3DS are likely to increase even more as Nintendo releases more first-party games. Expect sales for the 3DS to skyrocket during the Christmas season too.

Soon Nintendo is expected to release the next update for their 3DS system. Although it is not known for sure what this update will include, most expect that it will include the ability to use the 3DS’s Internet browser, as well as the 3DS Virtual Console. The virtual console on the 3DS, which works much like the virtual console on the Wii, will give users the ability to play Gameboy and Gameboy color games on their 3DS systems. Reports have even been suggesting that the system will allow users to play NeoGeo games, as well as Sega GameGear games. However, no one will know for sure until the actual update is launched.



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