UK to Test Speed Limit Increases in Certain Parts of the Country

80mph Speed Limit SignFor everyone who thinks that the speed limits are too low on some UK motorways, there is some good news. According to the road safety minister, Stephen Hammond, the UK government is going to try increasing the speed limit to 80 mph on certain motorways. This will only be a test to start with to see how it goes. The results of these trials will determine if speed limits get increased in other areas as well.

This is great news as some people originally believed that this speed increase was dead. It was talked about some time ago, but since then it has just kind of been put on the back burner. Mr. Hammond wants to make it perfectly clear that it is not dead. In fact, the government is still currently thinking it over. In the end, it will all come down to how these trials do. From there, the government can go on and determine if they need to increase the speed limits across the entire nation.

A speed limit increase might actually change the travel industry in the UK. For many, travelling by train is quicker. However, if the speed limits were increased, it could knock enough time off a daily commute to get people to stop buying rail tickets and take to the motorways again. Thus, it is a pretty good bet that there are a number of groups out there that are not happy to see the government moving ahead with these plans.

Mr. Hammond went on to say that there could be some kind of announcement this fall about these speed limit increase trials. It is likely that the trials will first take place in the early part of 2014. It is not yet known just how long these trials will last, but if they go well, a permanent speed increase would come sometime after that.

Mr. Hammond still does not think that people will see any kind of increase in speed limits until the summer of next year. Although he can’t say for sure, he believes that would be the most likely time to see a speed limit increase. Although this is a little bit further away than what some people would have liked to see, it is important to note that the government wants to put safety first. To ensure that everything is perfect, it is taking more time than originally planned.

Of course, just because speed limits on the motorways are increasing, does not mean that speed limits will increase in rural areas. In fact, Hammond said that people will see just the opposite in some cases. This is because the government has made it easier for local authorities to lower speeds in rural areas if they want. They did this by making it easier for local authorities to introduce a 20 mph limit. Thus, it is not all about speed; it is also about safety.

There are many supporters of this speed increase. One argument that supporters have is that they believe it will help to provide hundreds of millions of pounds for the economy. A lot of this is because time is money and with higher speed limits, people can get to where they are going quicker.



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