Union Street Guest House Gets Prank Reviews After Threatening to Fine People Who Offer Criticism

Union Street Guest HouseThere are some things that hotels simply cannot do. One of those is fining people who offer them criticism. Unfortunately, that is just what one hotel in New York has threatened. According to reports, the Union Street Guest House’s website lists a new charge of $500 or £296 if a wedding couple or any of its guests leave it a negative review.

This is not only an outrageous fee, but it has brought a lot of heat down on the hotel. In fact, people are leaving prank reviews on consumer websites about the Union Street Guest House. Guess this is their way of showing the hotel that they will not be bullied into giving good reviews.

The goal of Union Street Guest House was to make extra money off disgruntled guests. At the same time, it believed that this method would cut down on the people who were brave enough to leave bad reviews. Apparently, the hotel came up with this idea after it was labelled as one of the meanest and most resistant to criticism in the United States. Some hotels use criticism to improve; this hotel just rejected it altogether.

Of course, now the world knows about what the Union Street Guest House tried to do. As a way to cover its own tracks, the hotel released a statement that it was nothing more than a joke. It claims that it was never going to charge people money for leaving negative reviews.

However, people who were offended by the very idea of this aren’t convinced. In fact, pranksters have been leaving humorous guest reviews on numerous sites for weeks. A number of these reviews can be found on Yelp. The people who left these reviews aren’t afraid to say anything. That is because these people never stayed with the hotel, so they know the hotel cannot withhold their deposits.

For example, Mihai D, from Canada said, “Nice soothing screeching noises everywhere all the time at night.” Joe C from Virginia said, “Went to sleep here with two testicles. Woke up. They gone.” Daniel from San Diego said, “I stayed here on March 14th, woke up the next day, BOOM! Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Coincidence? I think not.” Scott L from Las Vegas said, “I sneezed once in the lobby and was charged a $250 cleaning fee.”

With that in mind, nearly 500 fake reviews for the Union Street Guest House popped up overnight. This sent the average rating of the hotel down. Its goal of trying to get a five-star rating by scaring people away from leaving bad reviews has landed it a 1.5 out of five stars on Yelp.



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