United Airlines Refused to Accommodate a Young Girl Who Suffered an Allergic Reaction During a Flight

United AirlinesAirlines are not always known for being the most accommodating. United Airlines finds itself in the hot seat because it’s being accused of failing to accommodate a family of four who has a daughter who suffered a bad allergic reaction during one of its flights. The problems started when the airline wouldn’t accommodate the family on a future flight. When asked why, the airline responded by saying that it isn’t a “nut-free airline.”

The family, which is from Dublin, flew to New Jersey with their 4-year-old daughter. During the flight, she suffered anaphylactic shock after she ate some of the nuts that were served during the flight. The little girl’s life was saved when one of the fellow passengers gave her a shot of adrenaline. At this point, the plane had to head back to Dublin so that the girl could be taken to the hospital. Then, despite United Airlines saying that it would fly the girl on a future nut-free flight after she recovered, the airline ended up refusing to prohibit nuts throughout the entire cabin.

The mother of the young girl, who asked to remain unnamed, said that her daughter has never had an allergic reaction like that. She was just as shocked as everyone else when her daughter had an allergic reaction to the cashews that were served during the flight.

United Airlines has responded to this story by saying that it doesn’t serve peanuts on its flights. That being said, some of the foods that it serves may contain trace amounts of nut ingredients. Its food may also be processed in facilities that handle nuts, so the airline encourages passengers to tell flight attendants if they have an allergy to nuts. Due to operational reasons, they are not able to remove on-board products that are based on an individual customer’s needs, so the airline doesn’t provide nut-free zones on its planes.

These allegations come just a few days after another 4-year-old girl stopped breathing on a Ryanair flight after she suffered from an allergy attack on a flight. The girl went into shock after another passenger opened some mixed nuts that he brought onto the plane himself. He opened the nuts despite the carrier giving three warnings to passengers about the severe allergy of a child on board.



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