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United States Signs Historical Agreement With Iran

IranTravel between the United States and the Middle East may soon see an increase. This is all thanks to a new historical agreement between Iran and six of the world’s powers, including the United States. This deal will see Iran accept a very restricted nuclear program for the first time in more than a decade. By doing this, it will receive restricted relief from sanctions enforced by the world powers.

This new deal was just signed on Sunday and marks the biggest and most momentous foreign policy that has been achieved under Barack Obama. It will also be the most significant policy between Iran and the United States since 1970, when the Iranian revolution took place.

This new foreign policy is just the first phase in a six-month process. The overall goal will be a long-lasting resolution to the threat of a nuclear program in Iran. It should also head off any other threat that would start a new conflict in the Middle East.

During a recent public address from the White House, President Obama said: “While today’s announcement is just a first step, it achieves a great deal. For the first time in nearly a decade, we have halted the progress of the Iranian nuclear program, and key parts of the program will be rolled back.”

Thanks to this deal, more than $4 billion in Iranian oil sale revenue has finally been unfrozen from its accounts. On top of that, the United States and other countries have lifted restrictions on the country’s gold, car, plane parts and petrochemical trades. This allows the country to make more money and have a stronger economy. However, to keep its side of the deal, Iran has to follow some stringent rules:

  • It cannot enrich uranium above 5 percent. It also may not convert it to oxide. This is a big deal because medium-enriched uranium is easy to turn into weapon-grade material.
  • It is not allowed to grow its supply of low-enrichment uranium.
  • It cannot commission or fuel any heavy-water reactors that have the ability to produce plutonium from spent fuel.
  • It has to suspend its enrichment capacity by halting the installation of more centrifuges. This will leave its existing centrifuges, which are about 16,000 strong, inoperable.
  • Also, it has to accept intrusive nuclear inspections from the International Atomic Energy Agency. This may include daily visits to some facilities.

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, said that this new deal demonstrates how diplomacy and tough sanctions can help people achieve a national interest. This marks good progress in Iran and is in no way the end, but it does put everyone down the right road.

For the travel industry, this new deal may help to ease some fears from travellers. Seeing that new deals are being signed between their countries and Iran may help them feel safer while travelling there. In turn, this will hopefully boost travel to this area and provide some much-needed income for the industry.



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