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Vincent Bollore to Launch New Electric Car-sharing Scheme for London

Vincent BolloreCar sharing schemes have been popping up all over the world. They are the perfect way for people who do not own a car or who cannot afford a car to have a vehicle that they can access when they need it most. Now, a new electric car-sharing scheme has been promised to the people of London. This car-sharing scheme is going to be set up on a point-to-point renting plan. Who is going to fund this new scheme? Billionaire Vincent Bollore.

According to Vincent Bollore, this new scheme is going to be made available to the public by March of 2015. When it first starts, thousands of electric cars will be made available all over London. With this many cars available, the people of London should have no problem finding an electric car to rent no matter where they are.

It was Transport for London that originally wanted this scheme in place for London. It was the Bollore Group that eventually won the contract. The project will see the Bollore Group upgrade the existing electric charging network in London. From there, it will continue to extend this service all over London.

When speaking about this new project, Vincent Bollore said that he believes this new scheme could be just as successful in London as it has been in Paris. It could offer people a great way to stay environmentally friendly without having to break the bank.

According to Bollore, when the service first launches there will be 100 Bluecars put into service. Over time, he hopes to increase the amount of cars available from 100 to 3,000. This is something that he knows will take some time to achieve, but it is the goal that he wants to push toward. One of the major problems that the group has to overcome is finding parking spaces for these 3,000 cars. These parking spaces have to be located all over London.

Bollore added that, until now, the idea of driving an electric car was something limited to just a few people. They tend to be very expensive and do not offer the range of a normal car. This makes it hard for people to want to invest in electric cars. The Bollore Group, however, has designed an electric car that is not only cheap but beautiful. It is a real car that can seat four people. Best of all, people will soon be able to rent them all over London for cheap.

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said that this new scheme is very ambitious. The city of London welcomes this new scheme and hopes that it will help people find a way to get around that is environmentally friendly. This is one giant step toward helping improve the city’s air quality. This is a big deal since London is one of the most polluted cities in all of Europe.



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